Akaza ( () () () Akaza?) was a member of the Twelve Demon Moons, holding the position of Upper Moon Three.[2] While he was human, his name was Hakuji.


Demon - Pink hair and eyelashes, yellow eyes, blue marking all over his body, pale/white skin 

Human - Black hair, blueish eyelashes, blueish eyes, with three black lines on each arm 


Strong, he always wants to protect his loved ones, stubborn and kind. He enjoys fighting strong people. 


When he was younger, his father was very ill, and he stole things to earn money for medications for his father. Officers tried to discipline him by giving him 100 lashes (which of a full man could not take) but he still stole. He had three tattoos on each hand showing that he was a repeat offender. He was called a demon child and even born with teeth to help this point. After stealing so much, the father hung himself hoping for his son to stop stealing for him and help give him a better life. But this didn't work, he then when on a rampage fight the police and taking many beatings/lashes but even though he kept fighting. He was going to be killed but then a man named Keizou came and stoped/beat up Hakuji and brought him to his dojo hoping to help him. He then met Keizo's daughter named Koyuki. She was ill just like Hakuji father, so he took care of her knowing he could endure it. Even though everyone else gave up on her Hakuji didn't and told her there would always be another year when questioned about why he wouldn't see the fireworks, and he promised to take her.  

Three years then pass Hakuji was 18 and Koyuki was 16 and she could finally live normally with her illness finally gone. He father then asked Hakuji to take over the dojo and marry her daughter Koyuk because she loved Hakuji, they both agreed, and he was going to marry (they even saw the fireworks together) and take over the dojo his life was finally going the right way even after his criminal childhood. He went to his home town to tell his father grave the good news, but when he came back, he found out another dojo posied their water well and killed both Koyuki and Keizo. Hakuji was filled with rage he killed all 67 members from the other dojo with his bare hands; there were heads smashed, organs crushed, most of the bodies were mangled beyond recognition...some were missing whole body parts and more it was a hellish scene the only survivor lost her mind. He was wondering the streets covered in blood when Muzan found him. Muzan showed up because there were rumors of a demon was there, but it was Hakuji. Hakuji then tired to kill Muzan because he was in his way. Muzan then stabbed his hand through his face and told him about making 12 powerful demons and pumped Hakuji with his blood, his last words as a human were "Don't care anymore... I don't care to about anything". He then became a demon and killed to become stronger, but he didn't even know why, he said it was a horribly sad, laughable and ridiculous story.


Demon Train Arc

Red Light District Arc

Akaza appears before Muzan Kubitsuji and reports to him that: 1) He could not find the Blue Spider Lily and he took down one of the Pillars.

Abilities and Powers

Demon Abilities

His blood demon technique work by Technique Deployment ( (じゅつ) (しき) (てん) (かい) Jutsushiki tenkai?). After deploying his technique, he can use his ability to create various shock wave-like attacks.

Destructive Kill ( () (かい) (さつ) Hakai satsu?):

  • Compass Needle ( () (しん) Rashin?)[3] - Deploying a compass underneath him with numbers from 1 to 10. It can detect all incoming attacks through sensing battle spirit[4].
  • Void Style ( (くう) (しき) Kūshiki?)[5] - Punching the air, he creates a powerful multishot shockwave range attack.
  • War Style ( (らん) (しき) Ranshiki?)[6] - Punching in front of him, he creates large shock waves that fly forward.
  • Obliteration Style ( (めっ) (しき) Messhiki?)[7] - An explosive forward jump followed by a punch that was able to go through Kyoujurou Rengoku's Purgatory attack.
  • Leg Style - Techniques where he uses his legs to attack
    • Cap Tip Slice [8] - A reverse, rising axe kick he can use to attack behind himself.
    • Flowing Light Flash[9] - Multiple, rapid straight kicks that each produce powerful shockwaves.
    • Ring of a Thousand Flying Planets[10] - Rapid, flowing rising kicks that hit an opponent from below.
  • Dual Layered Demon Wick[11] - He punches rapidly with both arms at once, each producing powerful shockwaves.
  • Crush Style[12] - Techniques that involve crushing attacks from above.
    • Willow of a Thousand Flashes[13] - A powerful downward punch that delivers a large shockwave into the ground, causing massive damage to the ground.
  • End Style[14] - Powerful techniques. Presumably Akaza's strongest techniques.
    • Chaotic Blue Metal Afterglow[15] - Incredibly strong and fast blows that attack from every direction at once almost randomly. They created seemingly thin, sharp shockwaves.


  • He was supposed to take over a dojo 
  • His father hung himself 
  • He refused to eat female humans [16]


Don't care anymore... I don't care about anything.


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