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Amane Ubuyashiki ( (うぶ) () (しき) あまね Ubuyashiki Amane?) is the wife and caretaker of Kagaya Ubuyashiki and the mother of Hinaki Ubuyashiki, Nichika Ubuyashiki, Kiriya Ubuyashiki, Kanata Ubuyashiki and Kuina Ubuyashiki. Her maiden name is Amane Himorogi ( (ひも) (ろぎ) あまね Himorogi Amane?).[2]


Amane is a fair woman with pale skin and large, lavender eyes and short eyebrows. She wears her white-colored right-swept hair in a short ponytail with two strands of hair let loose at the front.

Amane wears a salmon-colored mofuku kimono with an ombre to orange at the top with flower patterns with a dark-indigo haori with numerous blue butterfly-patterns. She also wore a brown with a paler shade striped-obi with an orange obiage supporting it.


Amane is shown to possess the same quiet, strict and serious disposition as her husband and children, acting professionally and tactfully when communicating with the Hashira during her time filling in for husband when his health began to fail. She is shown to be just as devoted to the Demon Slayer Corps as her husband and children as well, and spared no time in trying to figure out anything that could be used to turn the tide of battle in to their favor.

As well as this, Amane has been shown to truly love and care for her husband, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, and is seen constantly nursing him and staying by his side as his body slowly began to fail and his health further worsened. In fact, the only time Amane dropped her usual controlled demeanor was when Kagaya's health began to severely plummet and he began to cough out blood, causing her to immediately panic and worry as she barked out orders for her children to help her treat him, showing a genuine sense of love between them. Later, upon Kagaya reaching the end of his life and being approached by Muzan, Amane chose to stay by his side and commit suicide via bombing in order to die together with him and severely injure Muzan at the same time, fully showcasing her immense devotion to both her husband and the Demon Slayer Corps.

Amane was also noted to have been a loving, caring and strict parent to her children, making sure to raise them to be independent and emotionally strong in order to prepare them for her and her husband's inevitable deaths. She showed a strong amount of faith and love towards her children and their potentials.


Amane first met the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps at the age of 17, when Kagaya was only 13 years old. She was specifically selected by a priest to become Kagaya's wife in order to care for his medical needs, but he only agreed to the marriage on the condition that she cared for him on her own free will.[3]


Final Selection Arc

Mount Natagumo Arc

Rehabilitation Training Arc

Mugen Train Arc


Leadership Skills: When her husband's health begins to fail, Amane shows herself to be a highly competent leader and military commander, having been able to fill in for her husband in his duties as Corps Commander for the Demon Slayer Corps during the final days of his life. This is seen when Amane possesses the necessary skills to direct and lead the Hashira themselves despite their extreme personalities and dispositions.


  • Amane has the same Japanese and English voice actors as Eula from Genshin Impact.
  • Amane's given name is completely comprised of hiragana characters, thus having multiple definitons. However if her Mandarin name is taken into consideration, her name contains the Kun'yomi Kanji/Hànzì for "heaven" ( ama?) and "sound" ( ne?).
    • Amane's maiden name means "Himorogi" ( (ひも) (ろぎ) ? lit. "divine fence"), sacred altars in Shintō belief for worship towards the Kami.
  • Amane came from a family of Shintō Priests. She was born with white hair, and for the sake of her children and husband's health, she performed purification rituals even on snowy days, never missing a single one.[2]
  • Amane is older than her husband by 4 years.[3]
  • Amane gave birth to quintuplets, which amazed both the midwife and doctor.[2]



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