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Compared to you guys, I'm not so important, so thanks aren't necessary. I survived selection due to pure luck. Since then I've been afraid to fight, so I'm a coward.
Aoi Kanzaki to Tanjiro Kamado in You Are

Aoi Kanzaki ( (かん) (ざき) アオイ Kanzaki Aoi?) is a supporting character of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps. However, she works as a helper at the Butterfly Mansion, rather than taking to the front lines and fighting demons.


Aoi is a young girl of slightly below average height with deep blue eyes that fade to a lighter blue at the bottom, along with white rectangular pupils, straight black hair with a parted fringe, and twin-tails. She wears two blue butterfly clips to keep her twin-tails in place.

Aoi wears the standard Demon Slayer uniform with the addition of a white nurse dress on top of it, with a blue sash around her waist. Her uniform is tinted slightly blue. She is often seen with a frown on her face.


As Aoi trained Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira, she is very tough on them and often pushes them to their limits. She has a firm personality, unlike her colleagues at the Butterfly Mansion.

Aoi's personality is somewhat similar to that of the young Shinobu Kocho, volatile and open. She often appears angry, generally displaying how she feels very clearly. However, she does occasionally express more tender emotions such as declaring her enjoyment of the time spent with the trio when they were at the Mansion,[4] looking openly surprised at Tanjiro's reassurance towards her,[5] and bursting into tears when discussing Inosuke's serious injuries.[6]

Despite her somewhat gruff demeanor, she is internally kind and caring, doing her best to help the hunters that come to the Mansion.


Overall Abilities: As someone who passed Final Selection, Aoi has above average fighting abilities and physical capabilities. However, she isn't on par with Demon Slayers such as Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira as she doesn't spend time training to fight demons or go on missions, but rather chooses to be a helper in the Butterfly Mansion, helping injured Demon Slayers to recover.

Medical Knowledge: After training under Shinobu Kocho, Aoi is able to concoct most of the more simple medicines and use them to treat injured patients.

Trained Craftsmanship: Aoi is knowledgeable and skillful enough to repair Nezuko's box which was damaged by Sanemi's blade.[7]

Fighting Style

Breathing Style

Water Breathing ( (みず) () (きゅう) Mizu no kokyū?): Aoi was a user of Water Breathing when she took Final Selection.[3] Despite her surviving Final Selection, she believed it was nothing but pure luck and decided to stop training with the Water Breathing and instead helped other Demon Slayers within the Butterfly Mansion.


  • "Aoi" (アオイ Aoi?) can have different meanings depending on the kanji used. For example, her name can translate to "hollyhock" ( aoi?) or "blue" (青い aoi?).
    • However, her name is spelled with three katakana characters, so the meaning is currently unclear. Although since her entire character design revolves around the color blue, it can be presumed that it stands for blue in nature.
  • Aoi appears to have low self esteem, as seen where she disregards her survival of Final Selection.
  • Aoi's uniform was supposed to have an open chest design like Mitsuri Kanroji's uniform, same with Kanao and Shinobu. She later on burned this uniform with the oil and matches that Shinobu gave her and Kanao.[8]
  • Aoi ranked 24th in the first character popularity poll with 103 votes.
  • Aoi wanted a sister so she was fiercely pestering Kanao Tsuyuri to choose her last name.[9]
  • Aoba shares the romaji spelling of the first part of his name with Aoi (however, the "ao" in "Aoi" and the "ao" in "Aoba" are written using different characters). Given that Sumihiko Kamado, Kanata Kamado, Toko Agatsuma, and Yoshiteru Agatsuma share parts of their names with their ancestors, this is also the case for Aoba.
    • Aoba works in the field of science, much like Shinobu did back in the Butterfly Mansion where Aoi lived.
    • Aoba has jet black hair rather than hair that fades from black to blue like Inosuke's, the same as Aoi.
  • Aoi was partially responsible for Kanao's name. During the time in which the naming selection for Kanao took place, Shinobu and Kanae placed the names on the floor, allowing Kanao to choose a name at random. After seeing that Kanao was going to choose a paper containing the name "Kamasu" (カマス Kamasu?), Aoi swiftly swapped the paper for the one containing Kanao.


  • (To Tanjiro Kamado) "Compared to you guys, I'm not so important, so thanks aren't necessary. I survived selection due to pure luck. Since then I've been afraid to fight, so I'm a coward."[10]
  • (To Inosuke Hashibira) "If you're hungry, eat this. This plate is just for you, so eat from it whenever you want. But stop stealing food!"[11]


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