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Beast Breathing ( (けだもの) () (きゅう) Kedamono no kokyū?) is a Breathing Style personally created and self-taught by Inosuke Hashibira after living in the mountains and fighting for survival. It is said to be distantly derived from the Wind Breathing. The style enhances a user's sense of touch, while being able to utilize several different techniques.

Breathing Style Relationship Chart



  1. First Fang: Pierce ( (いち) (きば) 穿 (うが) () Ichi no kiba: Ugachi Nuki?)[1] - Inosuke stabs the target's neck with both blades.
  2. Second Fang: Rip and Tear ( () (きば) () () Ni no kiba: Kirisaki?)[2] - A double slash with his two blades in both diagonals (like X).[3]
  3. Third Fang: Devour ( (さん) (きば) () () San no kiba: Kuizaki?)[4] - Simultaneous horizontal slashes towards the target's throat.
  4. Fourth Fang: Slice 'n' Dice ( () (きば) (きり) (こま) () Shi no kiba: Kiri Komazaki?)[5]- A multiple diagonal double slashes with both swords.
  5. Fifth Fang: Crazy Cutting ( () (きば) : (くる) () Go no kiba: Kuruizaki?)[6] - The 'Mad Cleave' is a technique which slices everything in all directions.
  6. Sixth Fang: Palisade Bite ( (ろく) (きば) (らん) (ぐい) () Roku no kiba: Ranguigami?)[7] - A simultaneous decapitation with his two swords from both directions.
  7. Seventh Form: Spatial Awareness ( (しち) (かた) (くう) (かん) (しき) (かく) Shichi no Kata: Kūkan Shikikaku?)[8] - Inosuke can identify the position of enemies by feeling small disturbances in the air. This technique was so strong that Inosuke could sense all the demons spread out through a whole mountain.
  8. Eighth Fang: Explosive Rush ( (はち) (きば) (ばく) (れつ) (もう) (しん) Hachi no kiba: Bakuretsu Mōshin?)[9] - Inosuke charges towards his opponent while dual wielding, then he swings his blades to decapitate them.
  9. Ninth Fang: Extending Bendy Slash ( () (きば) (しん) ・うねり () Ku no kiba: Shin - Unerizaki?)[10] - Inosuke dislocates the joints of his arm to increase the range of his attack.
  10. Tenth Fang: Whirling Fangs ( () (きば) (えん) (てん) (せん) () Jū no kiba: Enten Senga?)[11] - Inosuke spins his swords in a circular motion.
  11. Sudden Throwing Strike ( (おも) いつきの () () Omoitsuki no Nagesaki?)[12] - Inosuke throws both of his blades at an enemy. Info icon.png


Inosuke Hashibira
Inosuke Hashibira


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