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Blood Demon Art ( (けっ) () (じゅつ) Kekkijutsu?) are spells or techniques that higher-level Demons can cast or are the supernatural abilities possessed by each of them.


Every time a Demon devours a human, the Demon becomes stronger, and they can eventually develop special, supernatural powers, known as Blood Demon Arts. The power bestowed by the Blood Demon Arts is different from Demon to Demon, and in some cases, Demons are able to use more than one of them.

The abilities achieved through Blood Demon Art can vary greatly. Known examples of these various powers include, but are not limited to:

  • Generation and/or manipulation of natural elements.
  • Alteration of their physical body.
  • A power up transformation.
  • Merging their own body with a preexisting object.
  • Detachment of their own flesh to create and control another entity.
  • Casting Illusions.
  • Putting others to sleep.
  • Exerting control over a preexisting structure.


Due to the sheer variety of different unique techniques, powers, and abilities a demon develops as they grow stronger, each Blood Demon Art possesses their own unique weaknesses and no two techniques or powers are the same.

However, a universal weakness to these powers is the fact that they are susceptible to both Sunlight and Nichirin Blades due to the fact that each technique is fundamentally created from using a Demon's flesh and blood, and similarly, the matter created from these techniques would also likely disintegrate once exposed to sunlight and be dispelled or weakened if a Nichirin blade cuts it.



  • Despite the ability of Blood Demon Arts being unique only to the Demon race, one can also obtain the ability to use and create their own Blood Demon Art technique by eating the flesh of Demons and gaining pseudo-demon abilities and physiology.
    • Currently, only Genya Shinazugawa was shown to have successfully created his own Blood Demon Art after consuming the flesh of Upper Rank 1 and 4, with the resulting technique being a combination between the unique powers of both Demons.