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Blood Demon Arts ( (けっ) () (じゅつ) Kekkijutsu?) are specialized supernatural abilities possessed by higher-level demons.[1]


Each time a demon devours a human, it becomes stronger,[2] and they can eventually become powerful enough to develop unique supernatural abilities known as Blood Demon Arts. Blood Demon Arts are different from demon to demon, with every power seemingly based on a central theme (i.e. martial arts, sleep, the sea). Most, if not all, Blood Demon Arts are based on a demon's past, personality, ideals, interests, and/or occupation. Moreover, Blood Demon Arts may not have a singular usage, and instead grant multiple abilities under the same concept or theme. As suggested by its name, all supernatural phenomena and effects use their wielders' blood as a medium to manifest themselves in reality. Essentially, Blood Demon Arts are blood magic.

The abilities and effects granted through Blood Demon Arts can vary greatly. Some can be combat-orientated (i.e. creating dozens of blades) or more supplementary and practical (i.e. controlling a fortress, manifesting illusions). Others are more simple and recognizable (i.e. manipulating electricity and ice), while others still are more complex and unorthodox (i.e. creating invisible arrows that control a person's vector, controlling one's biology), thus making the abilities of demon-kind extremely versatile and powerful.

It is implied that Blood Demon Arts can be shared, as seen with Rui being able to share his spider-themed Blood Demon Art with demons in his "family", granting them Blood Demon Arts (as well as characteristics) based on spiders.[3]

Blood Demon Arts are not to be confused with other supernatural abilities possessed by demons including but not limited to their Regeneration, Flesh Manipulation, Extrasensory Perception, and absorption abilities.


A universal weakness to Blood Demon Arts is that they are susceptible to both sunlight and Nichirin weapons, meaning that they will disintegrate or be dispelled when exposed to sunlight or cut with a Nichirin Sword, possibly attributed to the fact that each ability and technique is created from a demon's flesh and blood.[4][5]

Another weakness is related to the demon's blood, where if in some situation where their body's blood gets depleted, they will be unable to use their Blood Demon Arts. This is evident in Kokushibo being unable to unleash any crescent moon blades when Genya Shinazugawa's blood-sucking trees were holding the Upper Rank down.[6]

List of Known Blood Demon Arts and Users[]

Name* Example Image User
Swamp Domain Tanjiro enters the Swamp Demon's swamp Swamp Demon
Blood Bewitchment Scent of Illusory Blood - Visual Dream Tamayo
Hiasobi Temari Susamaru attacks with her Temari Susamaru
Koketsu Arrow Koketsu Arrow Yahaba
Blindfold An invisible Yushiro fights Susamaru Yushiro
Drum Spells Kyogai uses Rapid Drumming Kyogai
Thread Puppetry The Mother Spider Demon controlling the movements of a Demon Slayer Spider Demon (Mother)
Transmutative Poison Son Spider Demon using Poison Sputum Spider Demon (Son)
Thread Manipulation Rui dices a Demon Slayer using his threads Rui
Combustible Blood Nezuko using Blood Demon Art Exploding Blood Nezuko Kamado
Silk Cocoon Daughter Spider Demon capturing Murata in Ball of Yarn Spider Demon (Daughter)
Infinity Castle Manipulation Nakime's Blood Demon Art Nakime
Speed Augmentation Slasher running along a train track Slasher
Sleep Manipulation Enmu casts Whispers of Forced Unconscious Hypnosis against Tanjiro Enmu
Destructive Death Akaza uses Air Type against Kyojuro Akaza
Obi Sash Manipulation Daki uses her Eight-Layered Obi Slash technique Daki
Blood Manipulation Gyutaro uses his Flying Blood Sickles technique Gyutaro
Emotion Manifestation Hantengu splitting into Sekido and Karaku Hantengu
Electricity Generation Sekido shocks Genya Sekido


Wind Blasts Karaku blows away Muichiro Karaku


Spear Projection Genya shielding Tanjiro from Aizetsu's Weeping Spears Aizetsu


Sonic Scream Tanjiro cuts Urogi's leg as Urogi blasts him Urogi


Porcelain Vase Spells Thousand Needle Fish Kill (Anime) Gyokko
Wood Manipulation Zohakuten and his wooden dragons Zohakuten
Flesh Seeds Muzan trapped in Blood Demon Art thorns Asakusa Demon
Biokinesis Muzan uses Black Blood Brambles against Gyomei Muzan Kibutsuji

Tanjiro Kamado (Temporarily)

Cryokinesis Rime Waterlily Bodhisattva Doma
Electrokinesis Rumble and Flash Kaigaku
Crescent Moon Blades Moon Dragon Ringtail Kokushibo
Vampiric Trees Genya's Blood Demon Art traps Kokushibo Genya Shinazugawa
Illusion Casting No Image Available Ubume
Umbrakinesis Hairo using his Blood Demon Art to summon rifles Hairo
Flute Spells The Flute Demon uses his Blood Demon Art Flute Demon

*The majority of Blood Demon Art names listed above are not their official names, and are named based on conjuncture.


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