Breath of Flames ( (ほのお) () (きゅう) Honō no kokyū?) is one of the five main Breath Styles directly derived from the Breath of the Sun.The breath style of the Breath of Flames seemed to have been developed by the distant ancestor of the Rengoku Family, who was originally a student to Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who had attempted to teach him the Breath of the Sun, but instead alternated his teaching methods to better suit his student,thus creating the Breath of Flames, since then this particular Breath Style has been passed down and taught through generations of his descendants. [1]


  • First Style: Sea of Fire ( (いち) (かた) 不知火 (しらぬい) Ichi no kata: Shiranui?)[2] - The swordsman charges towards his opponent at high speed and decapitates them in one or multiple slashes.
  • Second Style: Ascending Blazing Sky ( () (かた) (のぼ) (えん) (てん) Ni no kata: Nobori en ten?)[3] - The swordsman uses an upwards moving slash attack.
  • Fourth Style: Wave of Blazing Flames ( () (かた) (せい) (えん) のうねり Shi no kata: Sei en no uneri?)[4] - The swordsman spins his sword in a circular motion, deflecting his enemies attacks.
  • Fifth Style: Flame Tiger ( () (かた) (えん) () Go no kata: Enko?)[5] - A series on sword slashes that take on the form of a tiger.
  • Ninth Style: Purgatory ( () (かた) (れん) (ごく) Ku no kata: Rengoku?)[6] - A devastating dashing slash initiated from a high stance. The technique carves a deep impression in the ground.  


Shinjuro Rengoku Kyojuro Rengoku


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