Breath of Flower Style ( (はな) () (きゅう) Hana no Kokyū?) is a breath style derived from the Breath of Water, used uniquely by the former Flower Pillar Kanae Kocho and her adoptive sister, Kanao Tsuyuri.


  • Second Form: Plum Spirit ( () (かた) () (かげ) (うめ) Ni no kata: Mikage Ume?) - A defensive technique that deflects attacks using rotating sword slashes.[1]
  • Fourth Form: Safflower Robe ( () (かた) (べに) (はな) (ごろも) Shi no kata: Beni Hanagoromo?) - A single sword slash that curves and twists.[2]
  • Fifth Form: Peony of Futility ( () (かた) (あだ) (しゃく) (やく) Go no kata: Ada no Shukuyaku?) - A graceful flurry of nine consecutive attacks that flow and weave in on themselves.[3]
  • Sixth Form: Swirling Peach ( (ろく) (かた) (うず) (もも) Roku no kata: Uzumomo?) - A technique used after or during evasion, the user spins around moving with their bodyweight to deliver an attack.[4]
  • Final Form: Scarlet Spider Lily Eyes ( (つい) (かた) () (がん) (しゅ) (がん) Tsui no kata: Higan Shugan?) - A focusing technique that raises the users kinetic vision to its maximum, while using this technique the user perceives the world as if it were in slow motion. Usage of the technique, however, is highly dangerous, as the tremendous strain on the eyes causes ruptured blood vessels and could cause partial or complete blindness.[5]


Kanae colored profile
Kanao colored profile
Kanae Kocho (†) Kanao Tsuyuri


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