Breath of Sound ( (おと) () (きゅう) Oto no kokyū?) A Breath unique only to Uzui. The Sound Breath is branched out from the Lighting Breath. The Breath's developed a battle strategy a Score, which involves Uzui reading his opponents movements and deconstructing them into sound, by analyzing the rhythm of their movements like this he is able to take advantage of their openings to much greater effect, being able to strike at their openings similar to making the beat to a song. In conjunction with this he uses small but powerful anti-demon bombs, made with a special gunpowder, which proved capable of overpowering an Upper Moon Demon briefly.


  • First Style: Thunder ( (いち) (かた) (とどろき) Ichi no kata: Todoroki?) - Uzui lifts his twin swords above his head and slams them down with great force whilst simultaneously creating an explosion with his bombs, causing a loud sound resembling thunder.
  • Fourth Style: Death Knells of Avīci ( () (かた) (きょう) (ざん) () (けん) Shi no kata: Kyōzan Muken ?) - Uzui holds his swords apart and spins them rapidly in conjunction with releasing his bombs, making this technique a combination of offense and defense.
  • Fifth Style: Symphony of Shrill Strings ( () (かた) (めい) (げん) (そう) (そう) Go no kata: Meigen Sōsō?) - Uzui holds one of his swords with a reverse grip, and spins the other using the chain that connects them. He couples this by also releasing numerous bombs to detonate. This technique was able to overpower an Upper Moon demon.


Tengen Uzui


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