Now, to the Village!! (いざ () (さと) へ!! Iza yuke sato e!!?) is the one hundredth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


After the Red Light District Arc battle. After being unconscious for two months Tanjiro wakes up in the Butterfly Estate, where Goto alerts Kiyo, Sumi, Aoi and Naho that he is awake. Tanjiro finds out from Goto that Zenitsu woke the day before yesterday and was already on a job. Tengen left after the battle, with his wives and that Inosuke was on the verge of death. However, he spots Inosuke on the ceiling and Inosuke brags that he woke a week before Tanjiro did as well as bragging that he had poison resistance, also making him resistant to medicines. Tanjiro falls back asleep and a week later he is fully recovered, while Tanjiro worked on improving his weakened state and building his stamina up again. Kiyo and Naho show him letters that were sent by Haganezuka with repeated messages of I have no sword for you, I hate you and go to hell. Kiyo suggests going to the Swordsmith village to find and talk to Haganezuka in person. An unnamed service guide says that she will take him to the village and asks him to put a blindfold, earplugs and noseplugs in, due to the village being in a secret place and hidden for safety. She carries Tanjiro on her back. Tanjiro is frequently passed onto a new guide, while the crows are also swapped. When he arrives he thanks the guide and his voice is heard in a nearby spring by Mitsuri Kanroji (The love pillar).

Characters in Order of Appearance


Tanjiro travels to the Swordsmith village.


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