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Something Came Out (なんか () Nanka Deta?) is the one hundred and fifth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


A sword's hilt appearing out of the broken Yoriichi Type Zero startles Tanjiro Kamado and Kotetsu, who shout in shock. Their surprise quickly shifts to fascination and excitement as the pair attempts to deduce the age of the blade. Kotestu urges Tanjiro to take the sword, but Tanjiro is adamant on the fact that he could not and that the doll breaking to make it appear wasn't completely his doing. Kotetsu insists that as the owner of the doll, he has the final say and that Tanjiro should take it, especially considering how he needed a new blade anyways.

The blade's rusted appearance.

Caving in, Tanjiro pulls out the blade as Kotetsu watches excitedly in anticipation, but they are crestfallen after seeing the blade had rusted with its age. Kotetsu tries to apologize to a tearful Tanjiro for getting his hopes up, but they are suddenly interrupted by a muscular Hotaru Haganezuka emerging from the woods. Hotaru mentions that he heard their conversation and tries to take the sword from Tanjiro and Kotetsu, who resist. They try to get Hotaru to explain his motive, but the swordsmith continues to try to take the sword and finally forces it out of their hands.

Hotaru declares that he will fix the rusted sword.

Kozo Kanamori appears behind Hotaru and tickles his sides, making him fall limp. Kozo greets Tanjiro and Kotetsu and goes on to explain Hotaru's situation. He states that Hotaru had been remotely training in order to improve his forging skills so he could make a strong sword for Tanjiro, in which the Demon Slayer happily admires Hotaru's thoughtfulness. Kozo continues on, saying how Tanjiro's repeated requests for swords from Hotaru made him happy, as he lost many of his clients with his personality. Amidst their continuous chatter, Hotaru suddenly regains consciousness and confidently declares that he will fix the rusted blade. Kotetsu fusses over how he could've just easily explained before they fought over the sword, which results in an angered Hotaru lifting Kotetsu by the neck.

The next day, Tanjiro talks about Hotaru's progress on the sword with Genya Shinazugawa, who, angered by Tanjiro's presence and attempts at friendliness, tries to get him to leave. When he starts yelling, Tanjiro notices that the tooth he had pulled out a few days ago had reappeared. He questions him on this and shows the tooth he had picked up as proof, disgusting Genya and resulting in him being kicked out of the room. Saddened, Tanjiro ponders his fellow Demon Slayer's consistent anger.

Hantengu appears at the Swordsmith Village.

Later that night, a swordsmith strolls through the village after a bath and encounters a pot on the ground. Curious, he reaches for it but is suddenly engulfed by the pot, killing him. Gyokko, the Upper Rank Five, emerges and comments on the poor quality of the swordsmith as a meal. Elsewhere, Upper Rank Four Hantengu cowers on a roof and states they must quickly accomplish their mission.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Tanjiro and Kotetsu discover a rusted blade in Yoriichi Type Zero.
  • Tanjiro meets with Hotaru and Kozo in the forest.
  • Gyokko and Hantengu arrive at the Swordsmith Village.