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Enemy Attack ( (てき) (しゅう) Tekishū?) is the one hundred and sixth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


An asleep Tanjiro Kamado is woken by Muichiro Tokito pinching his nose. The Mist Hashira questions Tanjiro if he knew Kozo Kanamori's whereabouts, as he was his new swordsmith. Tanjiro mentions that he was likely with Hotaru Haganezuka and offers to help find them. Muichiro asks why Tanjiro would willingly accompany him when he had other things to be doing, and Tanjiro replies he believes helping others would positively benefit him.

At Tanjiro's words, Muichiro feels a strong sense of familiarity and questions him on what he had just said. The Demon Slayer tries to reply, but is hit by an awakened Nezuko, breaking Muichiro's perception. Seeing Nezuko, Muichiro comments on her uniqueness and wonders where he'd seen her before while Tanjiro worries about Chachamaru, Tamayo's feline assistant, appearing before them.

Hantengu enters the room.

The trio keep thinking about their respective worries, and Tanjiro and Muichiro sense a presence behind the doors. When they glance over, Hantengu crawls into the room without radiating his presence as a Demon. Tanjiro and Muichiro both realize Hantengu is an Upper Rank and prepare to attack, with Muichiro immediately using Mist Breathing, Fourth Form: Shifting Flow Slash. Hantengu swiftly dodges to the ceiling and cries, begging the Demon Slayers not to hurt him.

Hantengu divided into Sekido and Karaku.

Tanjiro tells himself not to hesitate and uses Hotaru's newly forged blade to attack Hantengu with Hinokami Kagura: Sunflower Thrust. Hantengu dodges again, but receives a blow from Nezuko in her awakened form. Tanjiro tells Nezuko not to transform and meanwhile, Muichiro successfully beheads Hantengu. Tanjiro remembers that beheading an Upper Rank does not necessarily result in its death based on his prior fight with Daki and Gyutaro and yells at Muichiro to keep his focus. Right as he does so, the severed head and body transforms into two new Demons, one of which holds a leaf-shaped fan. Muichiro attacks the Demon with the fan, while Tanjiro takes on the other.

As Muichiro rushes to attack, the Demon waves his fan at him and intensely blasts Muichiro out of the building. Tanjiro and Nezuko manage to hold on to the rubble and come face-to-face with the two Demons. Karaku, the Demon with the fan, asks his partner Sekido if he was having fun. Sekido responds negatively and uses his staff to emit bolts of lightning-like attacks, which slowly make Tanjiro lose consciousness. Before he does, he sees Genya Shinazugawa on the rooftop pointing a gun at Sekido.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Hantengu appears before Tanjiro and Muichiro.
  • Hantengu divides into Karaku and Sekido.