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In The Way ( (じゃ) () Jama?) is the one hundred and seventh chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Genya Shinazugawa shoots both Sekido and Karaku with his Nichirin gun, blasting off Sekido's head and nearly decapitating Karaku. Karaku expresses enjoyment towards the fight as Genya rushes in to slash off his head with a Nichirin Sword. Tanjiro yells at Genya that his attacks were futile and the Demons were willingly being beheaded so they could keep splitting and increase their attack power.

Urogi abducts Tanjiro.

As the battle continues, Tanjiro desperately analyzes his opponents and tries to pinpoint their weaknesses, but his thoughts are interrupted by a third, bird-like Demon, Urogi, who lifts him up into the air with his foot. Realizing that each Demon has a unique ability, Tanjiro instructs Nezuko to assist Genya but, horrified, he realizes that his teammate had been impaled by a fourth Demon, Aizetsu. Urogi taunts him for worrying about others and not himself, proceeding to generate a sonic scream. Tanjiro attempts to counter with Hinokami Kagura and successfully cuts off Urogi's leg, but he is unable to dodge his scream and is violently struck with the attack as he falls.

Tanjiro plummets through the trees and lands hard on the ground. He pleads himself to get up and protect the village, but his injuries render him incapable of easily moving. Aizetsu lands near him and holds his leg down as he directs another shriek, and Tanjiro silently watches in alarm.

Muichiro saves Kotetsu from the fish Demon.

Elsewhere, Muichiro dashes through the forest as he makes his way back to the village. He spots Kotetsu trying to hold off a minion fish Demon and internally decides that he is not of priority to save, considering the boy's lack of refined swordsmanship skills and the importance of the village chief.

However, as he hears Kotetsu's cries as the Demon grabs him, Muichiro remembers Tanjiro's words of how helping others would positively benefit himself. He slashes the fish Demon's arm, releasing Kotetsu, and stands guard over the boy while requesting for him to run so he wouldn't be in the way.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Genya joins the battle against Hantengu.
  • Sekido and Karaku split into Urogi and Aizetsu.
  • Tanjiro is taken away by Urogi and is hit by his attack.
  • Genya is impaled by Aizetsu.
  • Muichiro encounters Kotetsu again after saving him from a Demon.