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Thank You, Tokito ( (とき) (とう) (くん) ありがとう Tokitō-kun Arigatō?) is the one hundred and eighth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Muichiro slashes the fish Demon and decapitates it, but it regenerates. He tries breaking the pot stationed on the Demon's back and subsequently makes it disintegrate. The Hashira then realizes the pot was the source of power for the Demon, likely the result of a Blood Demon Art. As he continues to think, a crying Kotetsu ambushes him with a hug and thanks him for saving him while also apologizing for calling him names earlier.

The Hashira tells Kotetsu to leave as he has to make it back to the village. Kotetsu begs him not to go since Kozo Kanamori and Hotaru Haganezuka were under attack while Hotaru was finishing a blade. Muichiro tries to turn down his request, but he hesitates when he hears Kagaya Ubuyashiki's voice in his head, who tells him to rediscover himself. Surprised at the pause, Muichiro thinks back to when he had gotten amnesia after being saved by Kagaya, who had told him not to worry about the memory loss and that the mist in his head will eventually clear out with matters that may seem unimportant at first.

Muichiro reminds himself that he was acknowledged by his master.

Convinced, Muichiro carries Kotetsu with him as they search for Kozo. As they continue through the forest, Muichiro begins to doubt if he was doing the right thing as the village was still in danger. However, he pushes the thought away and reminds himself that he is the Mist Hashira acknowledged by his master.

Tanjiro cuts Urogi's head.

In the forest near the edge of the village, Tanjiro dodges an attack from Urogi by slicing his head, splitting him into two more Demons. The pair of Demons generate more sonic screams and direct them at Tanjiro, but the Demon Slayer is able to withstand them and observes that Hantengu is most powerful at four separate Demons that represent the four primary emotions; any more splitting would decrease their attack strength. With this information, Tanjiro continues to attack Urogi and is slashed across the chest with the Demon's sharp claws, but manages to land multiple blows on his head.

Back in the building, Nezuko struggles against Karaku. Sekido impatiently asks for his partner to defeat her and Aizetsu volunteers to land the final blow. However, as Aizetsu attempts to pull his spear out of Genya, the Demon Slayer points his gun at him and blasts off his head.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Muichiro goes to save Kozo and Hotaru after Kotetsu's request.
  • Tanjiro discovers Hantengu's splitting weakness.