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Won't Die ( () なない Shinanai?) is the one hundred and ninth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Aizetsu injures Genya.

Sekido berates Aizetsu for his foolishness after Genya Shinazugawa shoots off his head, and the Demon responds by forcibly pulling his spear out of Genya, mortally damaging him. He comments on how the spear lodged in Genya's body had prevented him from dying after it hit his vital points and now he will perish. Ignoring him, Genya quitely chants the Amida Sūtra, which is recognized by Aizetsu. Angered at the delay, Sekido yells at Aizetsu to kill Genya, but the Demon Slayer dodges his spear and attacks Aizetsu from behind with a Nichirin Sword.

However, before Genya can cut off the Demon's head, he gets blasted from Sekido's lightning and becomes incapacitated, though he manages to hit Sekido with a bullet. Aizetsu responds by hitting him with the spear's shaft, knocking him into the wall.

Sekido incapicates Nezuko.

Still struggling against Nezuko Kamado, Karaku gleefully watches his companions fight and then impales Nezuko through the stomach with his foot. He gives instructions to Sekido and pulls Nezuko's arm off, but he receives a hefty kick from her and nearly loses his head. Using her Blood Demon Art, Nezuko proceeds to burn Karaku and pulls herself from his grasp. When Karaku is yelled at by Sekido, she takes his fan and blows him out of the building. She tries to do the same with Sekido, but he sticks his staff through her neck and shocks her with bolts of lightning, paralyzing her.

Genya's fanged smile.

Back in the forest, Tanjiro Kamado continues fighting against Urogi, who continuously slashes him with his talons. Tanjiro forces himself not to panic and makes it a priority to return to the building, internally telling Genya and Nezuko to keep holding on.

Genya recovers from being hit into the wall and continues muttering the chant. Surprised that he is still alive, Sekido questions him. Smiling, Genya holds up his gun and tells him his name, stating that he will be the one to kill him.

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  • Karaku is knocked out of the building by Nezuko.
  • Nezuko is incapacitated by Sekido.