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Suggestion ( (あん) () Anji?) is the eleventh chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter begins with a flashback from one of Sakonji Urokodaki's lessons where he informs Tanjiro of the first Demon who came into existence and his ability to turn humans into Demons. Sakonji mentions that the Demon goes by the name Muzan Kibutsuji and that he might hold the answer to turning Nezuko back into a human.

The flashback ends and the scene pans back to the fight between Tanjiro and the Swamp Demon. Despite his multiple attempts, Tanjiro's attacks keep missing the Demon's vitals, allowing it to submerge into the underground bog. During a moment of hesitation, Tanjiro decides to capture the demon and gather intel on Muzan in order to return Nezuko back to normal. The Demon suddenly appears behind Kazumi in an attempt to rip the girl out of his arms, but his movements are predicted and Tanjiro successfully blocks the Demon's attack.

The Swamp Demon becoming agitated

The Demon retreats farther back and curses Tanjiro for having interfered in his kidnapping of the girl. He then proceeds to gloat on his previous successful kidnappings of young girls referring to them at "meaty and quite tasty."

Angered by the Demon's rhetoric, Kazumi demands the demon to release Satoko whom he had kidnapped two nights before. To his horror, the Demon reveals his collection of hairpins he had gathered from the girls he had already killed and eaten, one of which was Satoko's hair ribbon.

Tanjiro becomes visibly angered by the Demon's response and is momentarily distracted thinking about Nezuko's similarity to those young girls. The Demon appears from beneath and begins a number of offensive attacks, throwing Tanjiro off guard. Just after getting within striking distance, the Demon is suddenly kicked in the face and knocked down to the ground.

Nezuko envisioning Takeo and Hanako

The Demon's one-horned form hesitates to attack and is left stunned, questioning why a human would be carrying a Demon on their back as Nezuko emerges from the box. She heads towards Kazumi and the young girl, holding their heads in her hands while envisioning a fearful Takeo and Hanako. The scene cuts to Sakonji explaining how he placed Nezuko under a spell to protect humans and defeat the Demons that cause harm to the innocent. The chapter ends with an angered Nezuko moving past Tanjiro to face the Demon.

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