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Pretentious Artist ( (げい) (じゅつ) () () () Geijutsuka Kidori?) is the one hundred and eleventh chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Gyokko introduces himself to Muichiro Tokito, Kozo Kanamori, and Kotetsu and asks for a moment before he kills them. He presents his “art” piece titled “Death Throes of the Smiths,” consisting of multiple mangled swordsmiths with blades pierced through their bodies. The Demon starts describing the details of his work while a horrified Kozo and Kotetsu name the swordsmiths. Gyokko taunts them by their reactions and twists one of the swords, resulting in one of the swordsmiths screaming out in pain.

Muichiro protects Kozo and Kotetsu from the needles.

Aggravated by his demonstration, Muichiro attacks Gyokko but he retreats into his pot before the Hashira cuts him. He reappears in another pot on the shed’s roof and Muichiro notes his ability to switch between the pots, then slices up the one on the roof. Gyokko swiftly switches to yet another pot—appearing out of thin air on the ground—and expresses great irritation at Muichiro for destroying his artwork. The Demon summons a couple of fish Demons, which surprise Muichiro with Blood Demon Art: Thousand Needle Fish Kill and shower hundreds of sharp needles at him. The swordsman manages to dodge the first onslaught of needles, but is forced to take multiple hits from a second attack of needles to protect Kozo and Kotetsu. He tells the civilians to get away as the fish continue to attack him.

Muichiro gets trapped by Gyokko's Blood Demon Art.

Gyokko stands on the side and laughs at Muichiro's appearance which consists of multiple needles sticking out of him. He reveals that the needles contain poison and chides him for having to die because he saved insignificant people. Gyokko's words spark a sense of familiarity to Muichiro as he tries to remember where he had heard them before, suddenly recalling a hot summer day in a small abode.

Mitsuri rushes to the village.

The Demon expresses his eagerness to create a nice sculpture with a Hashira, but is interrupted by Muichiro attacking him. Gyokko uses Blood Demon Art: Water Prison Pot to surround his opponent with a pot-shaped prison of water, rendering him unable to breathe or attack as his blade could not pierce through the layer. He laughs at his predicament and proclaims the Twelve Kizuki's desire to weaken the Demon Slayers and reach Kagaya Ubuyashiki.

A crow caws through the night as Mitsuri Kanroji runs through the forest. She tells herself to hurry and enthusiastically states the convenience of the Swordsmith Village being close to where she was stationed.

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  • Muichiro begins battling against Gyokko and becomes poisoned and trapped by his Blood Demon Art.
  • Mitsuri rushes to the Swordsmith Village.