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Bright Red Blade ( (がく) (とう) Gakutō?) is the one hundred and thirteenth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Through an inherited memory, Tanjiro Kamado sees an unnamed man and woman comment on how a swordsman with earrings had a blade that was normally jet black but somehow turned red when he was in combat. Tanjiro links the swordsman's blade with his, noticing the similarities in their color changes and how his was thanks to Nezuko Kamado's Blood Demon Art. He pushes himself to ignore his body's fatigue and injuries and tells himself to meet the expectations of those who had helped him thus far.

Tanjiro's resemblance to the powerful swordsman.

Sekido, Karaku, and Urogi belittle Tanjiro and rush towards him to attack, but they see the red sword and Muzan Kibutsuji's memories trigger. The forms recognize the red sword as the one used by the Demon Slayer that nearly killed their master and, as Tanjiro swings his sword back, his motions greatly resemble those of the swordsman. Stunned, the three forms are then all slashed with the Hinokami Kagura: Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance.

Tanjiro using Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance.

After decapitating them, Tanjiro recognizes the fiery sensation when cutting down the three Demons as the same one he felt when he dealt the final blow to Gyutaro at the Entertainment District. He goes to look for Hantengu's last form, Aizetsu, and sees him impaled to a tree with his own spear as Genya Shinazugawa stands in front of him, holding the Demon's head. Tanjiro's relief over Genya's safety and the defeat of Aizetsu quickly switches to horror as Genya turns to reveal a demonfied face. His thoughts are interrupted by a yelling Karaku, who complains about his inability to regenerate and the burning sensation in his wounds.

Genya's demonfied face.

Tanjiro feels uncertain if defeating the four emotion Demons is the correct way to finish off the Upper Rank, and, at that moment, he smells a fifth body. He tries to think of how to find it but Genya grabs him, declaring that he will be the one to defeat the Upper Rank and become a Hashira, not Tanjiro. Realizing that Genya has not succumbed to Demon instincts, Tanjiro and Nezuko give full support of his goal much to Genya's surprise.

Their conversation abruptly ends when Sekido blasts lightning towards them. Tanjiro splits up with Genya and Nezuko to rush off and find the fifth body so Genya can be the one to behead him. He rushes around and desperately searches, finally spotting the body cowering and quivering behind a bushes as it quietly mutters encouragement to himself and that the emotion Demons would defeat the slayers.

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  • Tanjiro inherits a memory of a powerful swordsman's blade.
  • Three Hantengu forms are unable to recover after getting cut by Tanjiro's flaming red blade.
  • Genya takes on demonic features and beheads Aizetsu.
  • Tanjiro finds the fifth form of Hantengu.