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Wanted: Respect ( (みと) められたかった Mitome raretakatta?) is the one hundred and fourteenth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Tanjiro Kamado gives directions to Genya Shinazugawa about where to find the fifth form of Hantengu and asks Nezuko Kamado to provide him assistance. He is then nearly swept away by Karaku's wind attack. Nezuko attempts to slash Sekido before he can release lightning on her brother, but she gets impaled by Aizetsu's spear. Tanjiro hinders Sekido's movement by cutting off his hand holding the staff, and the Demon notes Tanjiro's exceptional battle adaptation skills.

Karaku forces Tanjiro into the ground.

Urogi is slashed by the flaming blade and Nezuko grabs Aizetsu, enveloping him in fire and burning him. Karaku counters Tanjiro by slamming his fan and forcing Tanjiro to the ground with pressure. However, before he can attack again, his arm falls off and he curses Tanjiro for cutting it.

Genya discovers Hantengu's fifth body.

Genya receives more directions from Tanjiro as the latter yells them out, and he desperately keeps searching for the fifth body. After more continuous searching, Genya spots Hantengu behind the bushes shrunk down. He shoots him with his gun, but the Demon dodges and runs away. While pursuing him, Genya inwardly chastises the Demon's wimpy nature and swings at his neck with his Nichirin Sword. He pushes himself to force the blade through Hantengu's neck, but the sword suddenly snaps due to the Demon's thick neck. He tries shooting again with his gun again to no avail. All of a sudden, Sekido appears behind Genya and aims his staff at his neck. Distressed, Genya remarks that he can't regenerate his head and is about to die. Before he gets struck, he thinks of his elder brother, Sanemi Shinazugawa, and states how he wanted to become a Hashira so he could apologize to him for something that had happened between them.

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  • Genya finds Hantengu's fifth body.
  • Genya begins remembering his past.