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Awful Villain ( (ごく) (あく) (にん) Gokuaku Nin?) is the one hundred and sixteenth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Tanjiro Kamado puts pressure on his blade and attempts to force it through Hantengu’s neck. The Demon continues his high-pitched screeching, but Tanjiro refuses to waver. Suddenly, a dark figure appears behind them, and Tanjiro notices that it does not smell like any of the previous emotion Demons. Opting to ignore it, he keeps trying to behead Hantengu but his sword loses its power from Nezuko Kamado. Genya Shinazugawa aims at the figure behind Tanjiro, but he is unable to shoot without possibly hitting his teammate.

The sixth Demon.

The mysterious Demon hits a drum and a giant, dragon-faced tree immediately sprouts. Nezuko barely manages to jump in and save her brother, losing her leg in the process. She immediately regrows it right before they land but suffers a great loss of energy. As Tanjiro makes sure she is safe, the Demon begins talking and names the negative emotions that individuals who are pure evil emit, specifically those that harm the weak. Infuriated, Tanjiro realizes that there are now six Demons but notices he can’t sense the previous four. Genya witnesses the appearance of the sixth Demon and alarmingly recounts how it used to be the anger Demon, Sekido. However, after Tanjiro struck Hantengu’s neck, Sekido had forcefully absorbed his three counterparts and transformed into the child-like Demon in front of them.

Hantengu's ability to grow stronger the worser the situation.

The Demon hits another drum and wraps Hantengu with tree trunks, shielding him. Tanjiro tries to stop him, but he and Genya are both held back at the pure strength of the sixth Demon’s aura, a result of Hantengu’s power growing as his situation worsens. The Demon labels them as ‘evil’ and when Tanjiro demands an explanation as to why, he replies that the label is reserved to those who try to hurt the weak. Furious at his words contradicting the fact that he had eaten hundreds of innocent humans, Tanjiro loudly vows to cut him down.

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  • Sekido absorbs Karaku, Urogi, and Aizetsu to transform into Zohakuten.