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The Mu of Muichiro ( () (いち) (ろう) () Muichirō no Mu?) is the one hundred and eighteenth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Muichiro makes it out of the pot.

As he escapes the prison, Muichiro Tokito realizes that Tanjiro Kamado's eyes are the same shade of red as his father's. Muichiro pulls out the needles numbing his face and begins regaining more of his memories, remembering that his father was a woodcutter. Kagaya Ubuyashiki's soothing words enter his mind and he sorrowfully thinks about his master's disease as he crawls to Kotetsu, cutting apart the fish Demon that had attacked him. Muichiro's memory progression continues as he recalls his mother's death from illness and his father's death from falling off a cliff. When he tries to speak with Kotetsu, Muichiro suddenly remembers about his older brother, Yuichiro Tokito, his twin and sole companion after their parents' death when they were ten.

Muichiro's past with his older twin brother, Yuichiro.

Thinking back to his past, Muichiro recalls Yuichiro's blunt personality after they were orphaned and how he ridiculed their father for trying to save their mother, a man who had died when aiming to help others. Crying, Muichiro unsuccessfully attempted to get Yuichiro to stop insulting their father and instead received insults from him regarding the first character in his name, "Mu" (?), which could be interpreted as "nothingness." The twins continued to live together despite their strained relationship, which Muichiro had attributed to his older brother potentially despising him.

After surviving on their own for a while, the siblings were visited by Kagaya's wife, Amane Ubuyashiki, who had told them about their swordsmen heritage. Angered by her presence, Yuichiro drove her away and intensely berated Muichiro after he had expressed his interest in becoming a swordsman, straining their relationship to the point of forfeiting any communication between them.

Muichiro's Demon Slayer Mark appears.

One summer night, a Demon entered the twins' home, cutting off Yuichiro's left arm and insulting the siblings' lack of worth, angering Muichiro to the point of releasing explosive rage. The boy managed to pin the Demon and crush it, watching it disintegrate as the sun rose. Crawling back to Yuichiro, Muichiro witnessed his brother's final words begging the gods to spare Muichiro as he was a good person that desired to help others, unlike himself. As Muichiro held his brother's hand, he told him that the "mu" (?) in his name was actually meant to represent the "mu" in "infinity" (無限 mugen?).

Finally recovering his memories, Muichiro awakens his true strength and gains mist-like markings over his face as he powerfully grips his blade.

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  • Muichiro remembers his life before becoming a Demon Slayer.