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Coming Back (よみがえる Yomigaeru?) is the one hundred and nineteenth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Yuichiro Tokito apologizes to his brother for his inability to be nice to him and that he truly tried to protect him, clutching his hand as his memories are shifted back to reality.

Hotaru's continuous persistence.

In the shed, Gyokko is infuriated to see Hotaru Haganezuka continuing to work on the blade despite the numerous injuries he had inflicted on him, including the loss of an eye. On the side, Kozo Kanamori struggles to move and Gyokko goes to finish him off, but he is interrupted by Muichiro Tokito's attack, narrowly dodging it. Surprised at his escape from the water prison, Gyokko sees the strange markings on his face and realizes it is similar to the mark on the boy with the hanafuda earrings that Muzan Kibutsuji had told him about. The boy's composed face and attack speed despite being struck with paralyzing needles earlier bothers the Demon as Muichiro rushes in to attack again. Anticipating it, Gyokko uses his Blood Demon Art, Octopus Vase Hell. Octopus legs fill the shed and trap Muichiro as they destroy the building. At the last moment, Kozo gives Muichiro his mended Nichirin Sword.

Muichiro thanks Kozo.

Outside, Hotaru is knocked aside from the attack but pays no mind to it as he returns to sharpening the blade, his stubborn persistence puzzling the Demon. Gyokko opts to temporarily ignore the swordsmith and instead focuses on Muichiro as he wraps him and Kozo with his attack, exclaiming that he will crush them. Despite Gyokko's claim that the octopus is too powerful to be cut, Muichiro cleanly slices through it and releases him and Kozo. Brandishing his new blade, Muichiro thanks the swordsmith though Kozo denies, stating that he simply followed the instruction of his previous swordsmith.

Muichiro talking with Tetsuido.

Muichiro thinks back to a conversation with his aforementioned swordsmith, the late Tetsuido, when he had expressed deep concern for his client after learning of how hard he worked and how difficult it was for him to cope with his memory loss. Internally apologizing to him for causing worry, Muichiro tells Tetsuido that he is alright now and proceeds to use Mist Breathing, Fifth Form: Sea of Clouds and Haze to cut apart the rest of the octopus's tentacles.

Gyokko watches him and praises him for his speed, but retorts that the swordsman would not be able to catch up to his pace. However, Muichiro refutes his word and suggests the Demon's senses have become sluggish and a confused Gyokko witnesses his neck get cut from the Hashira's previous attack. Angered, Gyokko tells him not to underestimate his strength.

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  • Muichiro fights against Gyokko in his marked state, gaining the upper hand.
  • Muichiro retrieves more memories of his talk with Tetsuido, his previous swordsmith.