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I Can't Tell You ( () えない Ienai?) is the twelfth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter begins with Nezuko stomping and pursuing the Swamp Demon, despite her brother's commands. She returns to him after evading the demon, but Tanjiro is immediately dragged into the ground and yells at her to protect both Kazumi and Satoko.

Tanjiro enters the bog

After entering the bog, Tanjiro discovers the numerous personal belongings of the victims including kimonos, shoes, and pouches. The demon quickly maneuvers around the bog taunting Tanjiro and moves in to attack him, however Tanjiro is able to overcome the circumstances and manages to kill the demon using the Water Breathing: Sixth Form - Whirlpool .

Nezuko fighting the Swamp Demon

As Tanjiro begins his escape from the bog, Nezuko is seen above the surface facing one of the Swamp Demon's forms. The demon acknowledges her strength and abilities but still manages to slash Nezuko across the face, and then attempts to kill her. However, before the demon can land the fatal blow, Tanjiro emerges and slices the arms off the demon while threatening him not to lay a hand on his sister.

Tanjiro defeats the Swamp Demon

Tanjiro quickly subdues the demon and disgustedly asks how many humans the demon has killed. The demon insists that he should be thanked for killing all the young girls before they rotted with age, angering Tanjiro into slashing the demon's mouth. The chapter ends with the demon looking up to Tanjiro in fear as he demands information regarding Muzan.

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