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Abnormal Situation ( () (じょう) () (たい) Ijō jitai?) is the one hundred and twenty-first chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Muichiro reminds himself and urges himself to remember the seething rage he felt when he watched his brother and himself become infested with maggots, slowly being eaten. Recall the rage he has against demons for killing his brother. Recall the rage and remember why he became a demon slayer. "It was to exterminate the demons. To utterly destroy all of them!" Muichirou thinks. Gyokko then praises himelf in his "beautiful and sincere seriousness" before using his Blood Demon Art: Killer Fish Scales. Gyokko says that his scales make it unable to predict his movements and thinks that "it's over" for Muichiro. But Muichiro uses the Mist Breathing: Seventh Form - Obscuring Clouds to disorient the enemy. He then appears and seems to vanish when Gyokko attacks. Gyokko is confused and looks around for the slayer, only to find that the whole place is enveloped in mist. Muichiro then appears, uttering a cocky comment saying he hadn't been serious before like Gyokko before cutting the demon's head off. Gyokko is confused as to why everything is upside down as his head falls to the ground. But he is then enraged and in disbelief when he realized he's been beheaded by a mere child. It is then revealed that Muichiro drastically changed the speed of his movements to disorient the enemy and that when the boy wants to, he can go really slow or really fast. His highest speed exceeds Gyokko's. Gyokko then starts a monologue about how he is a chosen one and how humans are inferior. He's about to call Muichiro a maggot, but before he can his head is sliced to bits. The chapter ends with Muichiro saying," Yeah, yeah. Can you just burn in hell already?"

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  • Muichiro defeats Gyokko.