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A Passing Moment of Excitement (それは (いち) () (てき) (こう) (ふん) (じょう) (たい) Sore wa ichiji-tekina kōfun jōtai?) is the one hundred and twenty-second chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


After Muichiro Tokito defeated Gyokko, Kozo Kanamori was concerned of him but was convinced he was fine. When Kozo kept asking for his health at the time, Muichiro brushed him off by asking him to check up on Kotetsu. Muichiro then vomited foam due to the poison reaching his blood circulation and passed out. Kozo panicked and called Hotaru Haganezuka to help him.

Kotetsu came up to him and told him to put Muichiro on his side. Kozo was shocked and thought that the latter was a ghost of Kotetsu. This was because he was stabbed in the solar plexus and could have been dead. He told Kozo that the blood on his chest was the blood from his arm. It was stained there because he was pressing his injured arm on the area. His stomach was thankfully uninjured because of the hilt he received from Tanjiro Kamado. The latter wanted him to put it on his new sword.

Meanwhile, Muichiro had a flashback of Kyojuro Rengoku supporting him in doing the best as they can as pillars in the past as tears flowed past his eyes. His father then appeared behind him patting his back comforting him along with his mother. Then, Yuichiro came and complimented him for his hard work fighting against Gyokko and surviving till the end.

Then, the manga switches to Tanjiro's point of view. At the time, he was fighting Zou Hakuten. Tanjiro was opposing a tree dragon with five heads and can stretch up to roughly twenty meters. This move was presumably from Zou. When Tanjiro begun to use his move: Hinokami Kagura, he was swiftly attacked by Zou's Urogi scream and was flown back until he hit a branch tree and fell down. He vomited due to the pressure and his eardrums were injured because of the ear-piercing scream.

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  • Muichiro again had flashbacks of Kyojuro Rengoku, his father, his mother, and his brother Yuichiro complimenting him.
  • Tanjiro's fight with Zou continues.