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Mitsuri Kanroji's Life Passes Before Her Eyes ( (かん) () () (みつ) () (そう) () (とう) Kanroji Mitsuri no sōmatō?) is the one hundred and twenty-third chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter starts by explaining that Mitsuri's sword is very thin and soft. It is extremely hard to handle and only made for her use. It then cuts back to the fight, where Mitsuri uses her Love Breathing: Second Form - Love Pangs and Love Breathing: Sixth Form - Cat-Legged Winds of Love consecutively. Zohakuten notices that she's keeping up with his speed and decides to put her down with a technique. He then uses his Blood Demon Art: Countless Striking Trees, but Mitsuri uses her Love Breathing: Fifth Form - Swaying Love — Wildclaw to cut through the attack, reaching Zohakuten's body. Tanjiro sees this and shouts to her that Zohakuten is not Hantengu's real body. Zohakuten then releases his Blood Demon Art: Compressed Sound Waves, Mitsuri has no choice but to face the attack head on. Mitsuri is paralyzed and loses consciousness, but survives the attack. Hantengu realizes that Mitsuri has immense strength, then decides that he is going to eat her before throwing a fist at her head. Mitsuri's life flashes before her eyes as Hantengu's fist is about to land. It starts with Mitsuri's first fiance telling her that only a bear, boar, or cow would take her as their wife. He also insulting her hair color and says that it makes him shudder just to think about it being passed onto his children. He tells her to forget about him and the fact that their marriage interview ever even happened. That marriage was called off--she was 17 at the time. It then explains that Mitsuri has a special muscle composition. Her arms are thin and look weak, but her muscle density is eight times a regular human's. At fourteen months old she was able to pick up a 33 pound pickling stone. She also ate a lot. She had an almost insatiable appetite, eating almost the same amount as three sumo wrestlers. The day her marriage was called off, she decided to hide all of her peculiar traits. One day a man appeared and saying he wanted to marry her. Mitsuri is snapped back to reality when Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya manage to save her from Zohakuten's fist. Tanjiro and Genya say that Mitsuri is their last hope, encouraging her to get back up and fight. Hantengu releases another attack, however Mitsuri cuts through his attack protecting the four of them. The chapter ends with Mitsuri screaming at Hantengu, "I won't lose to evil people. Now get your butts ready! It's time to get serious!"

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