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Get it Together, Moron! (いい () (げん) にしろ バカタレ Īkagen'nishiro bakatare?), alternatively titled Get Your Act Together, Moron! in the English volume's table of contents, is the one hundred and twenty-fourth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


It starts with Ubuyahshiki-sama telling Mitsuri that she is a special person chosen by the gods and she should be proud of her strength. Telling her that whoever talks bad about it is just jealous. Mitsuri sincerely thanks her father and mother, all the demon slayers who took her in, all the people she protected, and Iguro for giving her striped socks. She rethinks how she wondered if it was okay to be strong because she was a girl and realizes that she herself suppressed her strength out of fear, she's isn't anymore. She is driven to protect the people. She cuts through Hantengu's attack and urges herself to get stronger. Tanjiro, Genya, and Nezuko start looking for Hantengu's real body while Mitsuri deals with the other. Hantengu notices the trio looking for the body and tries releasing an attack there way, but it's cut down by Mitsuri before it can reach them. Mitsuri is moving faster than before and Hantengu doesn't know how. He then notices a birthmark on her chest. Hantengu releases another attack, but Mitsuri easily cuts through it. Genya, Tanjiro, and Nezuko are fighting a tree that is being controlled by Hantengu and has his real body in it, but they can't cut it when they're arms are occupied holding onto the tree. Genya has no choice, but to eat the tree. It is then revealed that Genya cannot use breaths and has the special ability to temporarily inherit the traits of the demon if he eats it's flesh. The top part of the tree falls to the ground after Genya eats a lower part of the plant, cutting through the trunk of the tree. Tanjiro then attempts to cut the tree up, but the branches are like whips. Nezuko sets the tree and Tanjiro's sword on fire with her blood and Tanjiro uses Dance of the Fire God: Flame Waltz to cute the tree in half to reach the hollow inside where Hantengu's real body is. But he's already gone. Hantengu's real body has shrunken to a miniature size and is running away on the forest floor. Tanjiro screams at Hantengu that he will make the demon pay for every sin he has comitted. Hantengu remembers someone saying that everything he does is his responsibility, but he says he hasn't done anything wrong in his entire life. Then Genya throws a tree at him.

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