Daybreak and First Light ( () (たれ) (どき) (あさ) ぼらけ Kahataredoki asaborake?) is the one hundred and twenty-sixth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The first light of dawn signals daybreak. Tanjiro realizes this and tries to tell Nezuko to go hide in the shade, but his voice doesn't come out, causing Nezuko to run his way in worry. He yells at Nezuko to go hide in the shade, but then notices that Hantengu's decapitated body is still moving and attacking the villagers. There is "Resentment" written on the tongue of the body's head, where there should be the word "fear", meaning that the body that Tanjiro decapitated was not the real one. Before Tanjiro can take any action to find the real body, the rays of light from the rising Sun reach Nezuko. She starts to burn. Tanjiro shields her with his body and tells her to shrink smaller, but she is still getting burned. All the others are too far away to help him and Hantengu's body will get the villagers before he can put Nezuko in the box and save them. Nezuko kicks him in the direction of the villagers and smiles at him as she sacrifices herself for the villagers' sake. Tanjiro cries as he decides that he needs to find the real body, running in the direction of the fake body. He starts by sniffing out the real body, finding that it's in the fake body's heart. The fake body has caught the villagers, but Tanjiro cutes its arm off before it can hurt them. Memories from Hantengu's previous human life flash before his eyes just before Tanjiro slices his head off. Tanjiro collapses on the ground in sadness and exhaustion. He won, but he sacrificed his sister to do it. But the villagers shake him and point in the direction behind him. Standing in the Sun, healed and uninjured is Nezuko. Tanjiro stares in disbelief. "M-M-Morning," his sister says.

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