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The Rumble of Victory ( (しょう) () (めい) (どう) Shōri no meidō?) is the one hundred and twenty-seventh chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter starts with the narration of Tamayo's letter to Tanjiro. In the letter she thanks him for giving her the blood of the Twelve Kizuki Moons and Nezuko. She tells him that the components of Nezuko's blood changed in a very short span of time and explains that she thinks the reason Nezuko hasn't been able to regain her consciousness is because she has been prioritizing something else. She says that she thinks Nezuko will soon be able to conquer the Sun. It cuts back to Nezuko and Tanjiro. Tanjiro shakes and cries tears of happiness as he asks Nezuko if she has become human again, but her only response is echoing his words. Tanjiro realizes that even though she is standing in the Sun, she still has fangs and the eyes of a demon. Tanjiro is in disbelief that she is fine and hugs Nezuko and cries. Nezuko pats his head and smiles. Genya watches the display and smiles too. Tanjiro soon passes out due to exhaustion and in the distance Mitsuri screams loses strength just as the body of Hantengu she was fighting disintegrates to dust. In another place, a maid and Muzan's "mother" walk in on Muzan, disguised as a child, cackling in glee and before cutting the head off of his "mother". The maid stares at Muzan in horror as he talks about how there is no more need for the Blue Spider Lily when all he needs to do is find Nezuko and devour her. Then he can conquer the Sun. We now see the explanation as to why Muzan wanted this Blue Spider Lily so much. There was once a generous doctor that turned Muzan into a demon. Muzan had been angry that he would not live longer than twenty due to his worsening sickness even though he had suffered so much just to live only a little bit longer. So he killed the doctor. But after killing him he realized that the medicine the doctor had given him had made him stronger. He had obtained a strong body, but he couldn't walk in the Sun. Angered by this he tried to make the medicine, but it he didn't have the Blue Spider Lily flower that had been used to make it. He searched and searched and searched for the blue Spider Lily flower, but he found nothing. The only person who knew where it was was the doctor he had killed. Muzan had wanted the perfect immortal body and now that Nezuko had conquered the Sun, all the battles will be centered around her. And they will be ever the more bloodier than before. Muichiro thanks Tanjiro for helping him get something important back and the chapter ends with a happy reunion hug initiated by Mitsuri with Nezuko, Tanjiro, Muichiro, Genya, and Kotetsu.

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