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A Request for Instruction ( () (きょう) () (ねが) Gokyōji negau?) is the one hundred and twenty-eighth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Plans to move the Swordsmith Village were set into action right away and Tanjiro chats with Goto, the Kakushi at Butterfly Mansion, after waking up from resting for 7 days straight after the fight. Tanjiro slips up and tell Goto that Tamayo is looking into why and how Nezuko has conquered the Sun. Tanjiro chokes on his food, distracting Goto from the topic. It cuts to Zenitsu arriving at Butterfly Mansion and finding out that Nezuko can now walk in the Sun and speak. Zenitsu screams and says he's having a heart attack and grabbing Nezuko before screaming more about how cute and absolutely amazing, wonderful, and marvelous it is that Nezuko is able to be out in the Sun. He screams at her to please marry him, then she utters the words, "Welcome back, Inosuke." Zenitsu says he's going to spitroast Inosuke alive. It is then explained that Inosuke visited the Butterfly Mansion a few days ago and made it his mission to make sure that Nezuko remembered his name. That day, an emergency Pillar Meeting was held at the Ubuyashiki Estate. Sanemi, Iguro, Muichiro, Mitsuri, Gyoumei, Shinobu, and Giyuu are all present. Amane Ubuyushiki is there in her Husband's stead, as his illness has rendered him of his ability to attend. They discuss Nezuko and the strange marks that appeared on Mitsuri and Muichiro that day and Amane explains what they are. These are marks that many of the first swordsmen who were only one step away from beating Muzan had. This information had been hidden due to the fact that many people brooded over not having the marks. Overtime, the information had become unclear, but one thing that was passed on indefinitely was that whoever had the mark would start spreading it to others who fit the qualifications. The first one among this generation to have it was Tanjiro, but when they asked him how it felt when he got it, her had a hard time putting how it felt into words. Amane then asks for Mitsuri and Muichiro they can help. Mitsuri tries, but only embarrasses herself when all she can come up with is vague descriptions that are mostly made up of noises about how it felt. But Muichiro does have an idea of what qualifications were fulfilled for to make the mark appear.

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