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To Become a Marked One ( (あざ) (もの) になるためには Aza no mono ni naru tame ni wa?) is the one hundred and twenty-ninth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Muichiro explains that he was consumed by his anger lost complete control of his emotions. He says that he thinks that his heartrate exceeded 200 beat per minute and his body temperature went over 39 degrees Celsius. Muichiro thinks that those who do not have the mark appear even though they do have the qualifications do not get the mark because they will die, but those whose bodies can withstand these extreme circumstances will have a mark appear and enhance their ability to fight. Muichiro says that when Shinobu was treating his wounds, he was reported to have had a fever. It was then established that they would have mark training and that anyone who had gotten the mark would have to participate. Amane then leaves and the Pillars are about to have a discussion about the training before Tomioka stands up claiming that there is no need or reason that he has to stay any longer. The other Pillars are confused as to why he doesn't think he needs to be there, but his only explanation is that he is not like them. The meaning to his words, we find out later, is that he does not think he is worthy or should have become the Water Pillar. But the other Pillars do not know so, so Sanemi lashes out and asks what Tomioka means, misinterpreting his words as Tomioka thinking that he is better than everyone else, even though what the man actually meant was the exact opposite. A fight breaks out because Tomioka doesn't explain himself or what he means, but it is soon resolved, as the Stone Pillar says that they should all just sit down and discuss. It then cuts to Haganezuka who has arrived at the Butterfly Mansion to deliver Tanjiro his sword. The swordsmith is huffing and puffing into his mask and you can see the sweat coming off of the mask. Haganezuka gives Tanjiro his sword and sits down at Goto's request before urging Tanjiro to unsheathe the blade. Please take mind that he is doing all of this passive aggressively. Tanjiro is in awe by the blade. Haganezuka says that it is made from high quality steel and must have been used previously by a very strong swordsmen. The blade has the character 滅 pronounced metsu on it, meaning destruction. Haganezuka also explains that this blade was probably made before the demon slayer hierachy was established and was why many of the Pillars have 悪鬼滅殺 pronounced akki messatsu, meaning destroy all evil demons, on them. Tanjiro then says that he did not remember seeing those words on the sword when he had used it. Haganezuka is set into an angry monologue on how Tanjiro has put irremovable damage on the blade. He then leaves after Tanjiro promises to bring him mitarashi dumplings until the day he dies. An annoyed Genya then complains about how noisy Tanjiro and his guests were, the red haired boy promising that that was the last of it, but he doesn't get to finish because Inosuke enters the room by breaking through the window of their room from the outside. The shirtless boy is here with news about a super hard training session they are going to have.

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