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Full Strength Training ( (ぜん) (りよく) (くん) (れん) Zenryoku kunren?) is the one hundred and thirty-second chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


After training with Tengen, Tanjiro engages in Muichirou's swordplay training

Having recovered from his battle against Hantengu, Tanjiro joined the joint training effort. He is greeted by Tengen and his wives, whose training he completes in just ten days. He then traveled to Muichiro's residence, who complimented him on having even faster swordplay, and who also sought to increase his stamina via helping his muscles ease and tense up more smoothly. Having accomplished this, Muichirou cheerfully allowed Tanjiro to move on to the next Hashira's training, despite it having only been five days.

The next Hashira to train Tanjiro is Obanai, who attack him with strange swordplay through an even stranger barrier

The next Hashira to train Tanjiro was Mitsuri, who exchanged some pleasantries with the youth, before they got down to the task at hand. In the Love Hashira's training, the men dress up in a manner reminiscent to ballerinas, and dance constantly. At the same time, she helps them improve their flexibility with her own strength. This lead into the next phase of Tanjiro's training, with the Serpent Hashira Obanai. After an unpleasant greeting from his superior, Tanjiro is thrust into his variation of the ordeal, with the room being covered in bound swordsmen on the floors and walls. Expected to deliver blows to Obanai while avoiding striking these unfortunate souls, the young swordsmen is struck by his teacher, whose blows are able to weave like a snake from between the tied-up individuals.

Despite his attempts to communicate with his brother, Genya is still shunned by his sibling

Despite these hardships, which included being able to hear the terrified victims beg not to be hit, Tanjiro eventually began to counter and avoid Obanai's strikes after four days of hard work. After striking off the haori the Hashira was wearing, he was permitted to go to the next section of the training, with the wind Hashira Sanemi. On his way there, he encountered Zenitsu, who had fled from the intense and brutal tutelage. However, Sanemi caught up with him, threatening him back into the spartan-like conditions and ultimately knocking him out. Forced to carry his unconscious friend, Tanjiro exchanged barbs with the Hashira. The training ended up being Sanemi constantly slashing at his charges, leading to various wounds and throw-up. Incredibly beat up from all of this, Tanjiro then witnessed Sanemi and his little brother, Genya exchanging words. Despite wanting to talk to his older brother, Genya was threatened by the Hashira, who insisted that he had no brother.

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