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Welcome (ようこそ... Yōkoso...?) is the one hundred and thirty-third chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter begins with Tanjiro listening in on the tension filled confrontation between the Shinazugawa brothers. Sanemi straightforwardly disowns Genya as his brother, and further insults his abilities as a swordsman ordering him to quit the Demon Slayers. Distraught by the denial and his brother's lack of empathy, Genya further tries to apologize for his wrong doing (while being secretly encouraged by Tanjiro who is eavesdropping) and reveals his desperation to where he acquired the ability to fight by eating demons.

Sanemi stops in his tracks and peers back menacingly at Genya questioning his words about eating demons. He vanishes within the moment, causing Tanjiro to make a break towards Genya and tackle him to the ground, safely protecting him from having his eyes gouged out by Sanemi. The two boys crash through the sliding doors into the outside garden, scaring Zenitsu along with the other demon slayers.

Tanjiro questions Sanemi for trying to kill his brother but the latter corrected him stating that he will only beat Genya until he no longer has the ability to regenerate resulting in his retirement from the Demon Slayers. In disbelief, Tanjiro defended Genya stating that he was instrumental in defeating the Upper Rank during their last encounter and declared that he will protect him from his brother who disowned him. Sanemi then turned to attack Tanjiro but Tanjiro was able to block his punch and counterattack. Once the brawl between Tanjiro and Sanemi started, Tanjiro requested Zenitsu to take Genya away with the latter chastising the former for involving him in the scuffle.

Everything turned into a mess after that and the chaos continued all the way to evening. Tanjiro got an official scolding from the higher ups and his training with the Wind Hashira not only came to halt but he was also banned from approaching him. In the end, Tanjiro was unable to help mediate and repair the Shinazugawa brothers' relationship.

The chapter ends with Tanjiro and Zenitsu making their way to the Stone Hashira's training ground. There they find Inosuke and the other Demon Slayers training under a waterfall and greeted by the Stone Hashira meditating in a peculiar way which resulted into Zenitsu proclaiming that it is not a training ground but a hell ground.

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