Moving ( (うご) Ugoku?) is the one hundred and thirty-sixth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


While eating together, Genya recalls how Gyomei made him his disciple despite the fact that he doesn't have the talent to be a Tsuguko and is eating demons. Gyomei introduced Genya to Shinobu for her to check his condition but every time he sees her, she puts on s disgusted face and scolds Genya. Tanjiro however comments that Shinobu was just worried about Genya's body and invited him to go see Giyu together and to talk about his brother once their done eating but Genya declines as he is still not finished with the Rock Hashira training.

While on his way to the Giyu, Tanjiro saw Zenitsu on top of his boulder and asked if he will be okay since they have not talked for a while which worried him. Zenitsu told him that he still haven't moved his and that there is something that he must do. Tanjiro then went to visit Giyu's place and upon his arrival, he saw Giyu and Sanemi fighting with wooden swords on hand.

Their movements are so fast but he notes that the can now follow their movements. The battle ended with both Giyu and Sanemi's sword broken after a clash of breath techniques and Sanemi suggested that they continue to fight with their fists. Tanjiro then interrupted them and suggested they just share some ohagi (Sanemi's favorite) which pissed Sanemi even more given that they are not supposed to get near each other.

Sanemi stormed off after a while and Giyu notes that every Hashira also takes part in each other's training. He also plans to sneak some ohagi into a bag and give to Sanemi in order to get along better (an idea Tanjiro supported enthusiastically), but in reality it's just an idea that will make them fight again. While Sanemi is walking angrily away from Giyu's place, he noticed something following him and grabbed it (one of Nakime's demon eyes). The chapter ends with Kagaya greeting his visitor, Muzan

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