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Undying ( () (めつ) Fumetsu?) is the one hundred and thirty-seventh chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Muzan Kibutsuji, a Demon the Ubuyashiki family and the Demon Slayers have been chasing for a thousand years have finally came. Kagaya who is unable to see because of his illness asked his wife for his descriptions. Muzan, on the other hand, mocked him, as he who they have been chasing showed no sign of aging while Kagaya, on the other hand, is already smelling like a corpse.

It was then revealed that Muzan and Kagaya are from the same family which led to the Ubuyashiki family being cursed where every child born will be weak and die right away. In order for their family to not die out, the Ubuyashiki family dedicated themselves in defeating him and have received wives from the priests for generations which made them resilient but nobody in their family was able to live beyond 30 years of age.

Upon hearing this, Muzan ridiculed him as even with all their efforts and event with the thousands of people killed by Muzan, he has never been punished. Kagaya however questions him about his dreams which made Muzan uncomfortable, he also noticed that there are only 4 humans present in the mansion (Kagaya, his wife and 2 children).

Muzan's dream is to be indestructible and it will come true once he gets his hand on Nezuko. It was then Kagaya's turn to ridicule Muzan in his dream stating that it won't come true and that human thoughts are indestructible. He recalls how the demons hunters still exist for a thousand of years and how Muzan have incurred their wrath further noting that even if he dies, the hunters will not feel pain as they don't need him that much.

The connection to human thought is something demons cannot understand, because they will cease to exist once Muzan dies. Upon hearing this, Muzan became enraged and appeared in front of Kagaya demanding him to shut up in which Kagaya thanked him. The chapter ends with an emergency summon to all the Hashiras and demon hunters because of the attack on the Ubuyashiki estate.

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