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A Sudden Turn ( (きゅう) (てん) Kyūten?) is the one hundred and thirty-eighth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter starts with a Hashira meeting held before the attack of Muzan. The Hashiras want to have at least 2 Hashiras guarding Kagaya but he insists that no bodyguard should be provided to their family as had been throughout history.

We then go back to the current time and see the Hashiras rushing to the Ubuyashiki estate. Sanemi was the first one to see the mansion and was relieved knowing that he will make it just in time. However, he was wrong as before he could arrive, a huge explosion happened and burned the whole estate with all the nearby hunters witnessing it in shock. Even Muzan was surprised by Kagaya's doing as he looked calm – with a smile of a buddha as he, along with his family blew themselves.

In order to delay the regeneration of Muzan, he made the explosion more deadly by adding spike traps and while Muzan was busy trying to heal himself, he was again attacked and immobilized by a Blood Demon Art. Because of the spikes branching themselves into his flesh, Muzan tried to absorb them to escape but out of nowhere, Tamayo appeared with her left arm absorbed by Muzan.

Apparently, the blood spikes belonged to the man turned by Muzan during his first encounter with Tanjiro and Tamayo was able to get close to Muzan without being detected thanks to Yushiro's demon technique. Tamayo smiled as Muzan absorbed he fist and asked him if he had any idea what's inside her fist - it was a drug to turn demons back into humans.  

Muzan tried to escape and cursed Tamayo's stubbornness stating that her hatred for him was unjust since she was the one who ate her own family. Tamayo answered that had she known it would happen, she wouldn't have become a demon – she just wanted to see her kids grow up. Admitting that she must also pay for her sins, Tamayo declared that she and Muzan will die there and then and asked Gyomei to attack them. He complied and in one blow, he decapitated Muzan. 

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