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A Sudden Turn ( (きゅう) (てん) Kyūten?) is the one hundred and thirty-eighth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


In a previous Hashira meeting, Sanemi draws attention to the problem of Kagaya being unguarded, believing two Hashiras in the least need to be protecting him. He and the others ask Gyomei if something can be done to change this problem. Gyomei, having known Kagaya the longest, only responds that he had been asking that same question for eight years and Kagaya had always denied protection. He insisted someone like the Hashira shouldn't be wasted on someone like himself, worrying them. Shinobu adds that she heard the Ubuyashikis had never had a bodyguard of sorts throughout their history.

Sanemi hurries through the forest, towards the Ubuyashiki estate. As he catches sight of the mansion, a massive explosion destroys the mountainside, to Sanemi's sheer horror. The explosion is noticed by the rest of the Hashira, horrifying them all, Tanjiro realises the scent of blood and burning flesh is in the air. Muzan, caught directly in the explosion, tries to regenerate and curses Kagaya; in his final moments, Kagaya had "the smile of a Buddha" before killing himself, alongside his wife and two daughters. The Demon Lord never believed he was capable of such commitment towards killing him and underestimated him, adding he knew Kagaya had planned something but nothing at this scale; he notices Kagaya even added spikes to the explosives to delay his regeneration further.

Muzan senses that Kagaya has something else planned, knowing people and most likely Hashiras must be close by. He thinks back to the Oyakata's final moments; he had hid all his anger and bloodlust without Muzan ever notices anything, something he begrudgingly commends him for. As Muzan tries to put his mind towards regenerating quicker, flesh seeds appear around him. Without warning, they burst into giant black bramble branches. He realises they must be a Blood Demon Art but is immobilised. The spikes don't harm him however and Muzan believes he can simply absorb them to escape.

Out of nowhere, Tamayo appears and stabs her hand through Muzan's stomach. Muzan is angered at her sudden appearance and asks her reason. Tamayo mentions the flesh seeds belong to the man in Asakusa he turned into a demon. He realizes she must have hidden herself with another Blood Demon Art; using Yushiro's talismans. She tell Muzan the drug in her fist absorbed by him turns demons back into humans. Muzan claims it's impossible but she states it became possible with someone's help.

Muzan curses her stubbornness and makes the claim that her hatred of him is unjust. He reminds her that she alone was responsible for the deaths of her family. She tearfully responds all she wanted was to survive her disease and see her children grow up. The Demon Lord mentions she had eaten other people after that and states she had fun doing so, grabbing her head viciously. Tamayo doesn't deny that fact and states that in order to atone for those deaths, she and Muzan will die together.

Tamayo calls out to Gyomei, the first to arrive at the scene. With a single swing of his spiked flail, he decapitates Muzan.

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