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Vengeance ( (かたき) Kataki?) is the one hundred and forty-first chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter starts with a flashback of Kanae Kocho's death. Shinobu is seen crying as Kanae tells her to quit the Demon Slayer Corps. Kanae tells her to gain the happiness of a normal girl and to live until she became old. Shinobu desperately asks her sister about the demon that attacked her, stating that she cannot live a normal life like this. The flashback ends with Shinobu recalling that it was a demon that looked like blood was dumped over its head; as she witnesses a demon devour his victims while surrounded by female corpses strewn about.

The demon smiles and takes off his crown, introducing himself as Doma and greeting that it was a nice night. Shinobu recalls her sister's words that the demon would laugh in a carefree manner and would talk softly. One of Doma's victims reaches out desperately for help, only to be told by Doma to be quiet as he was in the middle of talking.

Shinobu carries her away from Doma and sweetly asks whether she's alright, to which Doma asks whether she was a Hashira due to her speed. Just as the victim attempts to reply to Shinobu, she is murdered by Doma's attacks. Doma smiles and tells her to leave the body there, stating that he will eat it later. Shinobu remembers what her sister had stated: the demon's weapons were a pair of sharp fans.

Doma explains that he was the leader of the Eternal Paradise Faith, claiming that it was his duty to be happy with himself and his followers. Shinobu tells Doma disgustedly that the girl he had killed earlier was clearly in pain and begging for help. To this, he responds that he had saved the girl, claiming that she no longer feels pain, suffering, or fear. Doma then goes on to say that everyone fears death, which is why he eats his followers for their sake so they can live forever with him. He claims that he takes his followers' hopes, blood, and flesh to heart and leading them to higher salvation. Shinobu angrily spits that he couldn't possibly be sane and asks whether he is alright in his head; telling him that it makes her want to vomit. Doma gives a surprised expression, noting that she's rather harsh for a first meet. He then realizes that Shinobu must have been through something difficult, pitying her and suggesting he listen to what she has to say about it. Shinobu angrily clutches her haori and growls that Doma was the one who had killed her sister, fiercely demanding if he has no memories of the haori.

Doma then recalls Kanae as the girl who used the Flower Breathing, stating his regrets over not being able to eat her before sunrise. Shinobu cuts him off with a strike to his eye with her Insect Breathing, Dance of the Bee Sting: True Flutter. Doma compliments that it was so fast he couldn't prevent it with his hand. Doma unleashes his Blood Demon Art: Frozen Lotus. Shinobu backflips and dodges; however inhales the ice powder that he had scattered. Doma compliments that she was fast, however, states that she couldn't kill a demon with stabs, and the dismemberment of the neck was the best option. To this, Shinobu responds that if a stab wound didn't kill him, poison would; just as the wisteria poison goes into effect. He falls to the floor and hacks up blood, telling Shinobu that this poison was much stronger than the one she used in Mount Natagumo, saying that Muzan has warned him that she changes her poison for every demon.

Doma quickly breaks down the poison, widely grinning as he apologizes that he had broken down the poison even though she had gone the effort to use it on him. He comments that Shinobu's katana made a distinctive sound whenever she sheathes it. He wonders aloud if that's how she changes the concentration of the poison. He clasps his hands together and joyfully exclaims how it was fun and interesting to get poisoned, and how it may become a habit. He asks Shinobu whether she thinks the next poison formulation would work, excitedly asking for her to try it.

The chapter ends with Shinobu stating that would be fine, noting that it was already speculated beforehand that he would most likely break down the poison.

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