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Insect Hashira, Shinobu Kocho ( (むし) (ばしら) () (ちょう) しのぶ Mushi Bashira, Kochō Shinobu?) is the one hundred and forty-second chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Doma recalls his past and his childhood. Born with rainbow colored eyes and white hair, he was believed to be special and connected to God. His parents, whom he considered stupid, arranged a cult with him at the head called the Eternal Paradise Cult. Worshippers flocked to Doma to repent their issues and problems in life, hoping for advice. Doma however was unfeeling and found it problematic that adults had seeked wisdom from a child. When they begged to guide them to paradise, he cried, believing paradise, gods and Buddha was a fairy tale that never existed, confused why people wouldn't believe they were all destined to die and rot. Doma believed it was his duty to make these people happy.

Doma notices a fifth slash on his hand and heals himself of Shinobu's poison, asking if she is okay for breathing heavily. Shinobu realises the true strength of an Upper Rank, noting Doma's resistance and inability of poisons to work on him. Doma notes Shinobu's lungs must be destroyed, having taken a blow of his Blood Demon Technique. She realises the fog of his frozen blood is hazardous if breathed in and decide to use multiple blows to poison him again. Using her Insect Breathing, Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon, Shinobu rushes forward and stabs Doma multiple times. Doma states he believes the Insect Hashira might be the fastest one. But as she backs away, Shinobu bleeds profusely, realises she herself was also hit in return. Doma taunts her, mentioning that she could have easily cut off his head with her immense speed but can't due to her small frame.

As blood falls on her hands, she sees how small they are. She remembers she never grew any taller. She laments she could have killed demons the usual way had she grown more. Shinobu knows larger hands and legs meant more muscle and that it was a distinct advantage. She recalls Kanae able to do so despite only slightly taller and also with a dainty and thin frame, also knowing that Gyomei had it easy when it came to killing demons. She remembers Kanae's last moments with her, telling her she would likely lose to Doma.

Kanae's spirit suddenly appears before the injured Shinobu, telling her to stand. Shinobu believes she can no longer, heavily bleeding and with her left lung shredded by Doma's fog, she can't breath normally as well. Kanae declares that irrelevant and states she will win with the right resolve to kill him, no matter the sacrifice, noting she promised to her and to Kanao. Remembering their younger sister, Shinobu crouches down while Doma approaches her, noting the slash he gave was only half-hearted but must be painful for her. Kanae urges her younger sister to keep trying, causing her to stand and shocking the Upper Moon.

As she stares at Doma, Shinobu starts to cough blood, prompting Doma to laugh that the blood in her lungs is causing her to do so. Resolving to end her pain, he tells her to give up, saying she is already beyond saving. Shinobu takes a stance and using Insect Breathing, Dance of the Centipede: Hundred-Legged Zigzag, she speeds towards the Upper Rank. Doma becomes shock at this feat, noting the destroyed bridge from the impact of her feet's force. Doma tries to slash her back but is too slow, only manage to hit her cape.

Shinobu crouches down and launches into the air, driving her sword through Doma's neck and forcing his body into the ceiling in one final thrust.

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