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Wrath ( (いか) Ikari?) is the one hundred and forty-third chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Shinobu remembers her childhood, believing that happiness was an endless road throughout life. That belief was shattered when a demon entered her home and killed both her parents, leaving her and Kanae orphaned. They were saved however by Gyomei Himejima, who quickly defeated the killer. Shinobu realised that though her happiness was forever destroyed, other people's weren't and resolved to defeat demons and prevent other people from suffering the same fate as her. Shinobu and Kanae promised to each other to both become demon slayers to do so. The two believe that despite their weak strength, stopping one demon could save tens of people, stopping an Upper Rank could save hundreds.

Recalling the time when Tanjiro asked if she was angry, she states she has been so for a long time, remembering her parent's death, her sister's and those of all her successors. She remembers Aoi, Sumi, Kiyo and Naho, how their families too were killed. Most of all, she is incensed at her poison's inability to hurt Doma. Her swords slips from Doma's neck, causing her to fall. Doma however uses his ice to catch her and pull Shinobu into a hug. The demon tearfully congratulates her for making it thus far, while mocking her for being weak and less talented that Kanae, to her fury. Doma acknowledges her foolishness at trying to kill him despite all the odds and calls it the thing that make humans so fleeting. As he decides she is finally worthy of being eaten by him, Doma asks for her final words. Shinobu only responds, "Go to hell".

Kanao opens the door to the cult room and looks up to see Doma clutching her in the roof. As she watches, Doma breaks Shinobu's body in his arms, to Kanao's horror, killing her and causing her sword to fall from her hand. Kanao desperately leaps upwards to use Flower Breathing, Fourth Form: Crimson Hanagoromo but misses when Doma escapes and lands onto the floor. The demon advices her not to attack him in the middle of absorbing someone, causing Kanao to seethe with rage. Doma fails to taunt her and instead fondly recalls that Shinobu had only a short time with him due to his abilities, and decides that this night might be really good, having two gorgeous meals at once, all while licking Shinobu's hair pin.

Zenitsu approaches a room and calls for the being inside to come out. They only respond that Zenitsu's beckoning is the improper address to a senior. Kaigaku walks out and taunts him for being as dainty and seedy as ever. Zenitsu responds back that as a demon, Kaigaku is no longer his senior.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Shinobu Kocho is killed.
  • Doma is poisoned.
  • Kaigaku vs Zenitsu Agatsuma begins.