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Pride ( (ほこ) Hokori?) is the one hundred and forty-sixth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


After Zenitsu beheads Kaigaku by performing the Thunder Breathing, Seventh Form: Honoikazuchi no Kami, both fall in the Infinity Castle to their deaths. Zenitsu plummets unconsciously as the disintegrating Kaigaku grows furious at his defeat from Zenitsu's hands. He comforts himself with the idea that Zenitsu will die with him when they hit the floor until Yushiro comes to save Zenitsu, while coldly reminding Kaigaku that without friends he will end with nothing since he gave nothing to anyone, finally commenting that "dying alone sure is pathetic". Hearing this, Kaigaku only screams in frustration as Zenitsu is saved and he meets a lonely pathetic death.

Zenitsu awakens in a land full of Red Spider Lilies and sees his master Jigoro Kuwajima across a river that separates the two. Zenitsu breaks down in front of him crying in remorse and regret for not being able to save Kaigaku and being unable to become a Hashira prior to his death. As Zenitsu struggles with being caught with the lilies, he realizes that Jigoro hasn't said anything to him. Jigoro breaks his silence by calling out Zenitsu's name and with tearful eyes he proclaims that Zenitsu is his pride and joy.

In reality, Zenitsu is being patched up by Yushiro while being guarded by Murata and another Demon Slayer. Murata realizes he remembers Zenitsu and calls out hoping for his survival, leading Yushiro to tell him to shut up. As Murata angrily comments back he cannot be treated like this as a demon slayer of rank, Yushiro responds back as a demon, he ignores them. As he patches Zenitsu's eyes, Murata shouts at the demon that the blood from Zenitsu's wounds continues to bleed. Yushiro tells Zenitsu he was lucky Kaigaku was inexperienced with his demon power; had he fought him a year later, he would have ended up dead. Murata yells not to be so negative, attracting demons to their location, to Yushiro's chagrin.

Yushiro was brought along by Tamayo to help assist the Demon Slayers, much to his frustration. Despite the fact he wore the Demon Slayer uniform to enter as no one recognized him, the other members knew something was off, the fact he was a demon created by Tamayo. Yushiro grows frustrated at Murata's inability to behead the attacking demon and places Zenitsu to safety to assist.

Meanwhile, Tanjiro and Giyu are continuing to run through the castle, Tanjiro wondering on Muzan's whereabouts and the location of everyone else. He tells Shinobu that they will win and that he is sure of that. Suddenly a powerful tremor strikes, shaking the area and worrying the two Water Breathers. As Tanjiro wonders if it is a fight, or someone's death, the tremor gets closer and stronger. Giyu tells Tanjiro to stay back as the source of the tremor punches through the ceiling, revealed to be Akaza. Akaza tells the demon slayer, "Long time no see... I'm surprised a weakling like you is still alive. Tanjiro Kamado!!", causing Tanjiro to yell his opponent's name back.

Tamayo is trapped in a flesh cocoon made by Muzan. Slowly being absorbed in, she desperately pleads for help.

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