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Returning Spirit ( () (もど) (たましい) Maimodoru Tamashī?) is the one hundred and fifty-seventh chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


As Hakuji calls out to his father, Keizo and Koyuki that he is back home, his spirit becomes engulfed in the fires of hell, joined by Koyuki. Tanjiro watches as Akaza's body finally fades into nothing, declaring the battle over. Realizing he must reach Tamayo to help her, his body can no longer handle the fatigue and he falls on his face unconscious. Surprised that Tanjiro had suddenly fainted, Giyu tries to call out to him but faints from exhaustion as well, resting his body on his sword. A Kasugai Crow calls out the aftermath of the battle, Tanjiro and Giyu have manage to defeat Upper Moon Three but are now unconscious.

Kokushibo no longer feels Akaza's presence and realizes he has been defeated. Upper Moon One comments that he thought Akaza was planning to kill him, remembering the threat at his life earlier. As he voices that Akaza had opened the path to reach further heights and abandoned it, he grabs his own sword and furiously slashes the pillars of his room, cursing him as "exceedingly weak".

Doma hears the new of Akaza's demise and comments he felt like a different being that usual. As he brushes aside his comment, he asks for Kanao's name. She introduces herself as Kanao Tsuyuri, adding that she is the little sister of Kanae and Shinobu Kocho. Doma is confused, judging that she doesn't appear blood-related to the two but nonetheless comments that young girls are delicious anyway. While on the subject of eating women, Doma mentions his subordinate's conscious decision to not eat them, owing that fact to his demise. Despite mentioning that women have more nutritional content to demons that men, Akaza refused and was even given special permission by Muzan to do so, since Akaza was only deployed by Muzan on special mission. As he mourns for his "best friend's" death, Kanao tells him to stop the lies. She figures out Doma does not feel the least bit saddened as the colour on his face stayed the same. When Doma responds back it's due to him being a demon, Kanao retorts by mentioning that demons and humans both circulate blood and the colour of their faces can change.

She mentions that Kanae had felt sorry for him as he feels nothing. She talks about how all people are born with the ability to feel happiness, as well as sadness and anger. Doma cannot understand these feelings, but knowing he was intelligent, Kanao instead tears into how he covers up his lack of feelings with a facade of lies, pretending to experience emotion to hide the fact his heart feels nothing. He feels no happiness, no bitterness, no pain, calling him an empty shell and saying his facade is so comical, it's stupid. Finally she mockingly asks, "Why were you even born?".

Doma comments that throughout his life, he has talked with numerous young women but never a "bully" like Kanao and asks how could she say something so cruel. Kanao retaliates by saying her outright hatred of him, her desire to cut off his head. She changes her opinion of him, "you're not very smart, are you", calling him a disgrace, and smiling as she mentions it was better to kill him as his life is utterly pointless and meaningless.

Doma instantly appears behind her, trying to slice her neck. Kanao reacts in time however and crouches down to slash through his abdomen. When he tries to send out ice dolls to hit her, she dodges the incoming attack to safety. As Doma heals, he comments that her reaction speed had accelerated, she is adjusting to his own movement. She has not inhale any of his ice despite it being extremely difficult to attack in her manner without a breathing technique. Doma suddenly realises that Kanao might actually be more powerful than Shinobu.

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