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Playing Temari ( () (まり) (あそ) Temari Asobi?) is the sixteenth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter begins with the female demon giggling as she smashes her balls through the walls of the house.

She calls to her partner, Yahaba, to tell him of her fascination with Yushiro's ability to conceal the presence of the household. Yahaba assumes that it was the work of Blood Demon Art and questions the reasoning for Tanjiro being there, he then goes on to complain at his accomplice for creating a huge mess. The female demon, whose name is revealed to be Susamaru, tells him to stop being so fussy and be thankful that they have more time to torture Tanjiro and his accomplices.

Susamaru's advanced form.

The scene shifts to Tanjiro being astonished by the amount of damage made on the house just by a single temari ball. Susamaru appears in the clearing after spotting everyone inside, and throws her temari inside the house once again, this time knocking off Yushiro's head. Tanjiro takes action and orders Nezuko to evacuate the injured woman from earlier, he draws his blade and prepares to face Susumaru where she reveals her objective of chasing "the demon slayer with the earrings." He tells Tamayo to run away and hide as he braces himself for Susamaru's attack. The temari comes towards him and he counters the attack with the Water Breathing, Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust, Curve. He successfully pierces through the temari however it exerts an unnatural force which hits back at Tanjiro, Meanwhile Yushiro's head slowly starts to regenerate after being knocked off earlier. He angrily tells Tamayo that he had warned her not to get involved with Tanjiro due to the inability to completely conceal his existence, and that his presence could lead Muzan directly to them.

Susamaru interrupts his spout to inform them that they should feel honored that their lives will be taken by a member of the Twelve Kizuki, alluding to herself. Within moments, she transforms her body by growing an additional four arms and launches a flurry of attacks with multiple temari.

Nezuko attacking Yahaba

Tanjiro attempts to deflect the attack but discovers that the temari's are being manipulated to follow him, even after he had cut them. As the temari's continue to blast around the home, Yushiro yells out to avoid the arrows and tells Tanjiro he will "lend [him] [his] sense of sight." Within moments, Yushiro pins a piece of paper onto Tanjiro's forehead that allows him to see the path of the balls as well as Yahaba's location.

Tanjiro points out that Yahaba is hiding in the tree, allowing Nezuko to run after and confront Yahaba. As Susamaru continues her flurry of attacks, Tanjiro is able to promptly defend himself using Water Breathing, Third Form: Flowing Dance to cut down the temari, and get close enough to wound Susamaru. Tanjiro asks Tamayo if these Demons are close to Muzan which she confirms, causing Tanjiro to proudly determine that he will collect their blood no matter what.

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  • Yushiro bestows a talisman so Tanjiro can see the attacks.