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Flapping Butterfly Wings ( (ちょう) () ばたき Chō no habataki?) is the one hundred and sixty first chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Doma tells Inosuke that though he was raised by boars and knows his way with words, he is mistaken. The demon claims heaven and hell don't exist, figments of human fantasies. To him, the humans who live righteously suffer tragedies, while the evil live free to do whatever they want, adding that since divine punishment doesn't exist, mentally weak people therefore believe the evil go to hell upon death. He tells them that they keep this belief deep in their minds and calls humans pitiful. Inosuke decides that instead, he'll create hell for Doma.

As he charges, telling Doma to stop talking about his mother's life as unfortunate, Doma retaliates with his Blood Demon Art: Freezing Cloud. Inosuke uses his Tenth Fang - Whirling Fangs, rotating his blades to disperse the icy cloud. Kanao attempts to attack Doma from behind but he anticipates it, swiping his fans at her neck. Though she parries the fan, his swipe still knocks her into the water. Doma clings to the roof, causing Inosuke to yell for him to come down and face him. Doma tells them that as Akaza is defeated, he no longer has the time, instead creating ice dolls to fight the demon slayers.

As they land, Inosuke and Kanao are confused, but are soon shocked when the dolls use Scattering Lotuses to fight them. Doma tells them the ice dolls are as powerful as him, leaving them to it as he leaves, making Inosuke furious. Kanao tells him to focus on the battle, as a doll uses Frozen Lotus to slash at Inosuke, forcing him back. Doma notices Inosuke isn't breathing in his fog, confusing him. As the dolls use Cold White Princesses and envelopes the room with more fog, Inosuke becomes incensed that everything around him is freezing. Doma is intrigued by him as a fighter he had never face. He decide to force the demon slayers to use all their techniques, as information would be useful in future to kill them.

As Kanao is forced to hold back another Lotus Vine onslaught, she hopes she and Inosuke can keep Doma inside the room with them for a little longer. However, Doma immediately decide to create a fifth doll to kill the combatants quicker, or face getting scolded. With that, he forges one in his fans and releases it, the doll immediately deploying Wintry Icicles to knock Kanao back further. Soon, Inosuke's arms get slashed by the icy vines, worrying Kanao and telling him to hold out for longer. She herself becomes overwhelmed by the continual slashes of the ice lotuses. Doma overhears her and is confused at how they will survive for any longer. Knowing his dolls will record everything during the battle, he decides to leave.

As Doma opens the door of the cult room, his face begins to melt, confusing him, to Kanao's hope. He collapses to the floor and suddenly thinks back to Shinobu.

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