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Overflowing Heart ( (こころ) あふれる Kokoro afureru?) is the one hundred and sixty third chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Doma expresses his disbelief at having his head sliced off. He expresses his self pity for losing to a sword-wielder who didn't have enough strength to slice off necks, even though he had put much effort into what he believed was for other people's sakes. However, he doesn't give up right away and thinks to himself that he still has a chance and might not die, like Muzan. He also knows Akaza was also replicate his feat. However, as Doma's head falls to the floor and bounces, his body begins to disintegrate and he realizes he is going to die. He thinks to himself how he doesn't feel anything, recalling back to his childhood. His mother had stabbed his father to death after the latter had flirted with numerous female followers, later committing suicide via poison shortly after. Despite this tragedy, his only thoughts were about ventilating the room; he couldn't comprehend the deaths because of his apathy and was only bothered by the smell of their blood. Doma remembers how he was turned into a demon at the age of 20 and lived over a century, but in the end human emotions had been alien to him.

In the afterlife, Shinobu holds Doma's head in her right hand, the former expressing relief at Doma's death. With a smile, she states that she can now be at rest. Doma greets her, asking whether her name was Shinobu or Kanae. Shinobu smiles and tells him that he doesn't have to remember their names, asking him not to address them because it was creepy. Doma compliments Shinobu about the intensity of the poison; claiming he didn't notice the poison until it had fully circulated his body. Shinobu explains that Tamayo had assisted in making that poison, expressing her slight frustration that if she could, she would have wanted to kill Doma with a poison she had made herself. Suddenly, Doma claims that his missing heart feels like it is beating--asking Shinobu whether this was love, expressing his surprise that emotions did indeed exist. He then goes on to think that heaven and hell may exist as well; asking Shinobu whether she wanted to go to hell with him. To this, the latter tells him to go to hell already.

Meanwhile, Inosuke stomps on the place where Doma's disintegrated head once was, yelling insults. Growing dizzy, he falls to the ground. He then recalls a conversation he had with Tanjiro and Zenitsu. Inosuke had been yelling that he didn't have a mother. Tanjiro tells him that everyone has to have a mother, to which Inosuke responds that he was abandoned which meant that his mother did not want him. Zenitsu replies that if Inosuke had truly been abandoned, his mother wouldn't have bothered to name him. Inosuke retorts back that he doesn't have memories of his mother which was the same as not having one at all. Tanjiro gently reminds him to not speak of his mother that way; stating that his mother must have loved him a lot.

Inosuke begins to cry as he remembers his mother. Kanao, on the other hand, looks for Shinobu's hair clip, noting her inability to see clearly from her right eye. She realises her own hairclip, formerly Kanae's, is now broken, to her sadness. Kanao apologizes to her older sister and recalls the time when Kanae had died; she had been unable to cry at that time, bothering her greatly. Kanao had been making excuses inside her heart. Being born into an abusive household where crying would result in a punishment, she had been used to holding back her emotions; however no one at that time blamed her. Kanao finds Shinobu's butterfly hairclip and clutches it to her chest, when she feels the apparitions of Shinobu and Kanae softly patting her head and telling her she did well. Kanao looks up only to find they weren't there.

Shinobu reunites with her sister and her parents in the afterlife. In the pond, holding both her adoptive sisters' hairpins, Kanao begins to cry.

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