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Just Overdid It A Little (ちょっと (りき) () ぎただけ Chotto rikimi sugita dake?) is the one hundred and sixty fourth chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


As Tanjiro sleeps, he smells something burning. He tries to sleep further but realises it is a fire, quickly jolting awake. He sees Giyu prodding his sword through a small fire he built. When asked by Tanjiro, Giyu states his wounds haven't stopped bleeding despite pressure on them, resulting in him burning them, to Tanjiro's disgust. Giyu extended the offer to Tanjiro, noting if the bleeding in his arm doesn't halt, he can burn them as well, to which Tanjiro worriedly agrees. Tanjiro stands upright and holds his sword out to be on guard. Giyu states this fight is only the beginning; the final goal is Muzan, but is worried they may soon face Upper Moon Two or even One. At that moment, a Kasugai Crow announces than Shinobu, Kanao and Inosuke have defeated Upper Moon Two, to the shock of the two Water Breathers. Tanjiro realizes they are getting closer to Muzan.

Meanwhile, Mitsuri has found Nakime, now Upper Moon Four. Obanai realizes the previous one defeated by Muichiro and company has now been replaced. Mitsuri laments that Shinobu risked her life to win, despite being younger than her, giving her the motivation to attack Nakime head-one. The demon summons a door however, slamming Mitsuri away, to her embarrassment. Obanai catches her and takes her to an upper platform to safety, only for the floors to be opened by Nakime, causing both of them to nearly falls. They regroup and Mitsuri tries again, resulting in her nearly crushed till she destroys the floor she was one. The Love Hashira claims she won't fall for the trick earlier, nearly hitting Nakime, who subsequently opens another door, causing an annoyed Mitsuri to fall through. Obanai uses Snake Breathing: Second Form - Venom Fangs of the Narrow Head, but misses when Nakime summons a building to block his path. To this, he comments that though Nakime's blood demon art isn't deadly, it's by far the most annoying and troublesome.

Gyomei and Muichiro continue through the castle, sensing Muzan is close. Suddenly, a wall compartment pushes Muichiro, seperating the two. He is forced through multiple walls before landing in a room full of numerous pillars. The demon inside notices him and comments he looks rather familiar. Muichiro is shocked; now face to face with Upper Moon One.

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