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A Request ( (ねが) Negai?) is the one hundred and sixty-seventh chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Sanemi Shinazugawa and Kokushibo go blade to blade and Kokushibo unleashes a Moon Breathing: Fifth Form - Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy that the Wind Hashira manages to dodge. Noting that Kokushibo is able to repeat his slashes without even moving his blade, Sanemi prepares to counterattack.

Dashing forward, Sanemi performs a Wind Breathing: Third Form - Clean Storm Wind Tree and clashes with Kokushibo but is unable to damage the Upper Rank. Impressed, Kokushibo lauds Sanemi's physical capabilities and notes that they are at their peak as the Hashira is silently awestruck at the Demon's own prowess.

Analysing Kokushibo's attacks and seeing that each slash is accompanied with smaller, crescent shaped blades that changed their size randomly over time, Sanemi thinks to himself that he is not surprised that Muichiro Tokito lost to this demon.

Thinking that were it not for his experience he would surely have been cut down by now, Sanemi gets excited at Kokushibo's skill and the fact that he is a Demon using Breaths. Seeing that this makes him a much tougher opponent, Sanemi is thrilled and calls Kokushibo a Demon worth killing.

Sanemi attacks Kokushibo with Genya's blade.

Launching a Wind Breathing: Second Form - Claws-Purifying Wind, Sanemi leaps forward. As Kokushibo deflects Sanemi's attack he looks up and sees the Wind Hashira about to slice down at him and blocks the blow. Suddenly, Sanemi goes straight for Kokushibo's neck with Genya Shinazugawa's sword, maneuvering the blade with his right foot. Genya looks on in shock at this move as Kokushibo narrowly evades.

The two continue to battle with Sanemi matching Kokushibo blow for blow, much to the Demon's delight. The intense combat begins to take it's toll on Sanemi however, as the Wind Hashira finally slips up and narrowly messes up the tip of his swing, missing death by a small margin. Genya looks on with his eyes widening in concern and Muichiro calls out to Sanemi who is frustrated but alright. Kokushibo reminisces over old battles and thinks back to a fight he had with a previous Wind Hashira back in the Sengoku era and how the both of them had improved their swordsmanship by fighting in a similar manner.

Kokushibo uses Moon Breathing: Sixth Form.

Suddenly launching a Moon Breathing: Sixth Form - Perpetual Night, Lonely Moon - Incessant, Kokushibo manages to slice Sanemi's chest and even cuts off all the surrounding pillars in the room with this attack. Genya calls out to his brother, frustrated as the rubble blocks his view, leaving him unable to see his brother. With blood spilling from his chest, Sanemi stands up straight and finds slashes running along his torso.

Kokushibo lauds Sanemi's skill for having kept up with him for so long but tells him that if he moves now his organs would spill out. Suddenly, he tenses up as his pulse begins to race and he is puzzled at this sudden change. Sanemi begins to chuckle as he sees that the effects of his rare blood work even on an Upper Rank. With a smirk he lashes forward and attacks Kokushibo, taunting the demon for staggering as he gloats that his rare blood made demons go drunk off the smell as he begins to counterattack in earnest.

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  • Sanemi vs Kokushibo.