A Request ( (ねが) Negai?) is the one hundred and sixty-seventh chapter of Koyoharu Gotōge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


The chapter begins with Sanemi and Kokushibo exchanging attacks. As Kokushibo unleashes The Breath of Moon: Fifth Form, Sanemi narrowly evades his attack and quickly realizes Kokushibo performed the slash without swinging his blade. The Upper Moon quickly moves in, to strike at Sanemi but he counterattacks the move by using the Breath of Wind: Third Form. As they continue to fight, Kokushibo commends Sanemi for his physical techniques being in peak condition while Sanemi becomes astonished by the complexity and irregularity of Kokushibo's techniques.

Sanemi begins to realize why Tokito had lost to the Upper Moon and comes to the conclusion that he himself wouldn't have survived if not for his extensive experience as a demon slayer. Sanemi witnesses Kokushibo preparing for another attack by breathing and recognizes him as a strong opponent and of "worth killing".

Before the demon is able to attack, Sanemi unleashes the Breath of Wind: Second Form, but he successfully blocks the attack. Sanemi charges towards him once again, and wittingly picks up Genya's sword with his feet, he tries to impale Kokushibo through the head with Genya's blade but Kokushibo's reflexes allow him to dodge the attack with ease.

Sanemi manages to exchange a flurry of attacks with Kokushibo causing him to feel a sense of nostalgia. He goes on to explain how he fought a former Wind Pillar to improve his sword technique. Consecutively, Kokushibo performs Breath of Moon: Sixth Form. Which leaves Sanemi heavily injured and spilling blood. Then Genya, who is still cut in half frantically looks for his brother as the pillars in the room block his peripheral view. Kokushibo then states "this is the end" also claiming that Sanemis "entrails will spill out" if he moves. Suddenly, Kokushibo notices that his pulse is quickening. As Sanemi emits a chuckle and attempts to slash Kokushibo. He explains that his blood causes demons intoxication stating that Kokushibo should "taste it in full".

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  • Sanemi vs Kokushibo


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