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Rumbling ( () () Jinaru?) is the one hundred and sixty-ninth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Gyomei Himejima tells Sanemi Shinazugawa to stitch up his stomach wound and that he would distract Kokushibo to allow him to do so. Sanemi agrees to this and apologizes for getting into such a state to begin with.

As the Stone Hashira steps up to fight the Upper Rank, flail swinging, the demon notes with excitement that Gyomei has refined his body to it's utmost limits, saying that he hadn't seen a warrior of this strength in three hundred years. Gyomei continues swinging his flail and inhaling deeply the whole while and Kokushibo notes the air being drawn towards him.

Finally attacking Kokushibo with his flail, Gyomei looks on as the Upper Rank dodges his attack but quickly throws his axe at the demon as well. Kokushibo who had been about to attack Gyomei is forced to abandon this idea to evade the axe as well. He attempts to attack again but Gyomei unleashes a Stone Breathing: Second Form - Upper Smash.

As Kokushibo evades this attack Gyomei catches him in his chains. Restrained, Kokushibo attempts to break free but isn't capable of damaging Gyomei's chain. The Stone Hashira attempts to cut off Kokushibo's head with his axe but the demon dodges but a lock of hair is still severed.

Kokushibo is enraged and charges Gyomei, attempting to slice off his neck but the Hashira jumps out of the way at the last second, flinging his axe at the Upper Rank but only managing to tear off some his robe. Continuing his assault, Gyomei swings his flail at Kokushibo as the Demon evades yet again. However, Gyomei manages to catch Kokushibo's blade between his chains and pulls on them, shattering the blade.

The Demon continues to be impressed by Gyomei's fighting prowess and the two face off with a Stone Breathing: Fourth Form - Volcanic Rock - Rapid Conquest and a Moon Breathing: Second Form - Pearl Flowers Moongazing.

As Kokushibo's blade finally recovers from the blows it received, he taunts Gyomei by saying that no matter what damage he receives it will all recover. In response Gyomei utilizes a technique he had been saving up for the battle with Muzan Kibutsuji: the Demon Slayer Mark.

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  • Gyomei activates his Demon Slayer Mark.