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The Immovable Hashira ( () (どう) (はしら) Fudō no hashira?) is the one hundred and seventieth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Inosuke Hashibira and Kanao Tsuyuri run through the Infinity Castle not knowing that just around the corner from them are Zenitsu Agatsuma and Murata. Back at the battle against Kokushibo, Muichiro Tokito struggles to dislodge himself from where he had been pinned by the Upper Rank.

Slowly dragging the blade out of his body with his remaining hand, Muichiro manages to extricate his blade and keels over in pain. Wincing, he stems his bleeding and assesses his situation, noting that he would not be of much use with his current injuries and that he would take some time to be able to stop his bleeding as he had not been blessed with the same physique as someone like Tengen Uzui.

Determined to do something no matter the cost, Muichiro resolves to do his best to defeat Kokushibo to aid those who were still alive and fighting. As he grabs his blade and begins to run over to the fight, Muichiro is distracted by Genya Shinazugawa calling out to him to get him some of the hair that had been cut off from Kokushibo so that he could eat it and recover as he wanted to fight till the end to be able to help his brother Sanemi Shinazugawa.

Meanwhile, Kokushibo and Gyomei face off and Kokushibo notices Gyomei's Demon Slayer Mark and says it is a pity. Noting that Gyomei looked to be twenty seven years of age, he reveals that all those who had gotten Demon Slayer Marks had died before they became twenty five. Predicting that Gyomei would die that same night, Kokushibo says that everything Gyomei had worked for to this point would all go to waste and asks Gyomei if he does not find that regrettable.

Silently enraged at these words, Gyomei tells Kokushibo that he and the other Demon Slayers had been aware of the story about those with Marks all dying before reaching twenty five. Asking what there was to regret about his life at that point, Gyomei declares that one could not become a Hashira with such half hearted resolution and declares that Kokushibo's words are insults to him.

Kokushibo attempts to explain his view more by saying that he had meant the techniques and body Gyomei had worked to hone over the years and asks why Gyomei cannot understand this. The Stone Hashira responds that there is nothing to understand and that humans understood that their dignity was best preserved by living and dying just as human beings. Gyomei rebukes Kokushibo further and tells him not to force his pathetic worldview on others and call it the supreme one.

Sanemi gains a Demon Slayer Mark.

Continuing on, Gyomei says that he had noticed Kokushibo had lied when saying no one with a Demon Slayer Mark had lived past twenty five. Kokushibo attempts to deny this but is cut off by Gyomei saying that there must have been one exception and Kokushibo suddenly jolts with understanding and rememberance. Satisfied by this reaction, Gyomei deduces that his theory was correct just as Kokushibo darts forward towards the Stone Hashira to slice at him but he is able to block.

As the two trade blows, Sanemi recovers from his wounds after having been stitched up, having also acquired a Demon Slayer Mark. He wastes no time in attacking Kokushibo in tandem with Gyomei and the demon thinks that all the Hashira of the current time must be marked with Demon Slayer Marks. As the two Hashira continue attacking in sync, Kokushibo is surprised at their skilled coordination as the both of them are grateful for the fact that they trained together in Hashira Training to allow such coordination.

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  • Sanemi gains his Demon Slayer Mark.
  • Gyomei correctly deduces that there must have been one person who lived past twenty five years while having a Demon Slayer Mark.