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Nightmare on the Night of a Red Moon ( (あか) (つき) () () (あく) () Akai tsukiyo ni mita akumu?) is the one hundred and seventy fourth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Genya Shinazugawa's bullets rebound off of Kokushibo' s blade but swerve back to attack him on their own. Shocked at this, Kokushibo looks up at Genya and sees that the boy and his gun have transformed, looking more demonic.

Suddenly, a large tree grows out of the bullets out of Kokushibo rooting him to the ground. Seeing that these are Blood Demon Arts, Kokushibo deduces that Genya absorbed the lock of his hair and the broken bits of his sword to acquire demon powers.

His attention is diverted quickly as Gyomei Himejima and Sanemi Shinazugawa lunge at him. This causes him consternation and fear and he thinks back to the last time he had felt so threatened. That had been almost four hundred years ago, when he had faced his younger brother Yoriichi Tsugikuni when the latter had reached his old age.

It had been the night of a blood moon and Kokushibo had encountered his younger brother, who should have been more than eighty years of age at the time. This was incredibly shocking to Kokushibo as those with Demon Slayer Marks did not live beyond the age of twenty-five.

Yoriichi dies standing upright.

Yoriichi had begun to cry at the sight of his brother and told him it was heart wrenching. Seeing his normally reserved and quiet brother showing some emotion had left Kokushibo bewildered, however, this lasted only for an instant as when Yoriichi grabbed his blade he let off such an aura that Kokushibo was left stunned and afraid.

As he charged Yoriichi was so quick he left a alice through his brother's neck before he could even react. Seeing that his brother had lost none of his strength, Kokushibo had been enraged and his old feelings of jealousy and hatred began to well up inside him.

Kokushibo wanted to kill Yoriichi but knew that he would die with Yoriichi's next attack, as even Muzan Kibutsuji had been pushed to the brink when faced with Yoriichi's skill. However the next attack never came as Yoriichi died standing on his feet.

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  • Genya uses a Blood Demon Art on Kokushibo.
  • Yoriichi's death is shown.