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Feelings For Elder Brother, Feelings For Younger Brother ( (あに) (おも) (おとうと) (おも) Ani o Omoi Otōto o Omoi?) is the one hundred and seventy ninth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


Kokushibo disintegrates entirely but Sanemi Shinazugawa continues to blindly charge at him and Gyomei Himejima has to stop the Wind Hashira, telling him the fight is over. He is shocked to see that Sanemi is in fact unconscious and had been attacking the Upper Rank in that state.

Genya Shinazugawa, still alive, looks on at this scene and weakly whispers Gyomei's name and the Stone Hashira walks up to check on him and is shocked that the boy is still alive. He deduces that it must be due to absorbing a demon and Genya tells him to focus on treating Muichiro Tokito instead. Gyomei lays Sanemi next to Genya who is relieved that his brother is still alive.

Gyomei heads over to Muichiro who lies lifeless on the ground staring straight above. The Stone Hashira closes his eyes and says that Muichiro had been valiant until the very end and that they owed their victory to the efforts of both Muichiro and Genya. Gyomei closes Muichiro's eyes shut and says that they would continue onwards to defeat Muzan.

Brothers meet in the afterlife

Muichiro opens his eyes in the afterlife and finds his brother Yuichiro Tokito standing in front of him with tears in his eyes angrily telling him to go back. Tears begin to well up in Muichiro's eyes as he is hurt that his brother still does not praise him for all his efforts and asks why his brother is still bent on rejecting him.

Yuichiro responds by asking why he'd worked so hard instead of running away and Muichiro says it is because he could not abandon his friends but Yuichiro is adamant and calls his brother's death a pointless one, asking if he even knew why he was born. Muichiro retorts that his brother had died when he was eleven and was more pitiful than himself, going on to say that he was born to be happy.

"Because... my big brother... is... the nicest person... in this... world."

Muichiro tells his brother how he had sad and painful moments ever since he had been left alone by the deaths of his family but despite that he had managed to be able to smile again. This was down to all the friends he had made and the times he shared with them. Muichiro says that he has no regrets because he hadn't run from anything and had even laid his life down for his friends and asks his brother not to call his death a pointless one as coming from him, those words hurt more than they would otherwise. Yuichiro apologizes for his words and hugs his brother.

Meanwhile, Sanemi comes to and sees Genya disintegrating before his very eyes. Horrified, he screams out, shocking Gyomei as Genya apologizes for being a burden and thanks him for protecting him. Sanemi says that he hasn't protected him at all as he is dying right now despite his efforts but Genya responds that his brother had tried his hardest and that had been enough. He says that he wants Sanemi to be happy as he knew his brother was the sweetest person in the world. Sanemi cries as Genya fully disintegrates and Gyomei walks up behind him, to remind him that it wasn't over until they defeat Muzan Kibutsuji.

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  • Muichiro and Genya both pass away.