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Recovery ( (かい) (ふく) Kaifuku?) is the one hundred and eightieth chapter of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.


As word spreads of the deaths of Muichiro Tokito and Genya Shinazugawa, Tanjiro Kamado begins to cry. Quickly attempting to compose himself, he thinks of how everyone else had also kept their feelings in check and fought till the very end. Thinking back to the letter he received from Senjuro Rengoku which had revealed to him that there were in fact 13 Forms to the Hinokami Kagura, one more than the 12 Forms he currently knew. Resolving to do his best to defeat Muzan Kibutsuji regardless, Tanjiro continues to run forward with Giyu Tomioka.

Meanwhile, Kiriya Ubuyashiki realises that they would be unable to make it to where Muzan was in time and that Tamayo wouldn't be able to hold the demon off for much longer. As he learns that the first troop of Demon Slayers has reached Muzan's location with the second troop also close he immediately issues an order for the Demon Slayers to standby and not approach Muzan, saying that they should wait for the Hashira to arrive instead.

As the first troop stands in front of the capsule of flesh Muzan is locked in along with Tamayo, they see that they are unable to reach it as it is suspended over a steep fall into the depths of the Infinity Castle being suspended in place by outgrowths of flesh from the capsule. One of the Demon Slayers suggests that they should slife at the outcroppings of flesh and ignores the warnings of another Demon Slayer who says that they should obey their orders, saying that they should attempt to be useful before the Hashira arrive. He is interrupted, however, by Muzan bursting out of the capsule with a jump.

Muzan's new form

The demon kills the entire first troop in mere seconds as Kiriya reiterates his orders for the troop to maintain it's distance as they would only serve as food for Muzan to recover. The crow's cries are wasted however, as the entire troops has already been killed and Muzan strikes at the crow as well, beheading it in one stroke. He says that when one lives for a thousand years they lose the feeling of enjoying the taste of their food but now that he was hungry he found the taste of his victims to be incredibly delicious. He thanks Kagaya Ubuyashiki for unwittingly preparing this feast for him and says that he was unaware of which of his children led the Demon Slayer Corps now but they were quite superb. Thinking that he might turn the new Oyakata into a demon to replace his now dead subordinates if they bowed before him, a mouth on the palm of Muzan's hand finishes eating and he holds up Tamayo's severed head.

Kiriya orders the second troop to retreat at once to prevent Muzan from recovering any more of his strength by eating more people. Muzan gloats at Tamayo and says that her medicine to cure demons and turn them back into humans had failed as the woman responds that this would be the day where Muzan would finally go to hell. The demon flippantly responds that hundreds of people had said those same words to him before but they had yet to come true. Tamayo tells him to give back her husband and children and Muzan coldly looks at her and says that in that case she could go join the family she had killed as he crushes her head in his hand.

Yushiro immediately falls to the ground while running as this happens, tearing up the floor and gritting his teeth in rage at Tamayo's death. Muzan swiftly makes short work of the second troop as well, slicing through them all in one move as Kiriya orders for them to fall back and asking about Giyu's whereabouts. Muzan says that not one of them was of use to him as he killed them and declares that he will end the Demon Slayer Corps on this night as smirks with an evil expression.

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  • News of Muichiro and Genya's death reaches Tanjiro.
  • It is revealed that Senjuro's letter told Tanjiro of a 13th Form of the Hinokami Kagura.
  • Muzan survives Tamayo's assault on him and frees himself.
  • Tamayo is killed.